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Kareen Lucero is a lawyer previously doing litigation before working for different agencies in the government and for a multinational corporation. She has traveled to 52+ countries including a 3-month solo backpacking in South East Asia and more than 1 year of solo traveling across four continents in the world. As part of giving back, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of law and travel. She is currently doing consulting work for a government agency. For inquiries, you may reach her via Facebook Messenger ( or email ([email protected]).

36 thoughts on “Affidavit of Loss Sample Philippines (Free Download)

  1. hello po. i lost my bag last month. can i ask for an affidavit of loss coz all my original documents and ids were there… thank you very much po.

  2. I’m studying paralegal and I used your sample to make an affidavit of loss. The sample has a mistake. No need to write the “IN WITNESS THEREOF…….” Instead it should be replace with “FURTHER AFFIANT SAYETH NAUGHT”

  3. Good morning, I just used travel document from my last travel back to the Philippines.. I lost my passport.. Should I use the affidavit of loss to renew my passport?

  4. hi i lost my passport last month of june how much is the cost of affidavit of lost

      1. uhm. hello .. how much is the cost of a college diploma ? .. thank you

  5. thanks a lot for sharing this very important sample of documents. God Bless You More.

  6. Hello po, i just want to ask as i am residing now here in canada and i was ask to have an affidavit of loss as i am requesting for a copy of my diploma. i am not quite sure how to do it as i am confused if i will be needing to put my address here in canada or i will need to put the PH address as i will notary this document here. please advise.

  7. Do i need to get a lawyer to file an affidavit of lost for my supposed to be 2nd dose vaccination card?

  8. Gusto ko malamn kung aktibo pba yung philhealth ko barangay philhealth po cia nawala po kc kya dko napo naerenew

  9. my tin id number us 705-483-594…iand it waa issued on july 15,2017…is it renewable? how?

    1. Your TIN number is permanent. As for your TIN ID, you can apply for a new one in case you’ve lost it or you need to update your personal information.

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