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About FilipiKnow

FilipiKnow is the Philippines’ leading educational website fueled by one goal: to provide Filipinos anywhere in the world with free, reliable, and useful information at the touch of their fingertips.

A portmanteau of Filipino and knowledge, the website has been helping millions of Filipinos learn obscure facts, review for important examinations, and get access to in-depth how-to tutorials since 2013. 


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Why Should You Trust FilipiKnow?

Here are some of the compelling reasons why the internet continues to love FilipiKnow:

  • Organic growth. Most of our visitors land on our site through search engine search results. Compared to social media, search engines like Google don’t just give away free traffic unless you’ve earned it. By building our foundation on high-quality content, we’ve survived numerous algorithm updates and continued to gain Google’s trust. 
  • Expertly written articles. Whether you’re looking for background information about a legal matter, casually reading about tax-related stuff, or downloading learning aids for your school lessons, FilipiKnow has got you covered. We have a strict editorial process that starts with subject-matter experts writing the content and ends with editors fact-checking everything before hitting the Publish button. Our writing team consists of a lawyer, doctor, accountant, registered financial planner, journalist, scientist, educator, and other knowledgeable professionals to ensure FilipiKnow will remain the go-to educational site you can always count on.
  • Regular article updates and monitoring. Our how-to guides evolve with time. We revise each article as soon as official updates are released to the public. So if you’re looking for the latest guide on how to renew your driver’s license, for example, rest assured that FilipiKnow will only serve the most updated information you won’t find on YouTube tutorials made by random strangers. 
  • Awards and recognition. Because of its impact on the online community, FilipiKnow has been featured in CNN Philippines’ Pilipino Ako segment and GMA 7’s multi-awarded magazine show, Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. It also won numerous awards, including the 2013 Emerging Influential Blogs in the Philippines and 2015 Globe Tatt Awards, as well as nominations for the 2016 Philippine Bloggys Award and the 2021 Ezoic Publisher of the Year Award.

Who Are the Mind and Writers Behind FilipiKnow?

Wondering who are the minds behind our helpful and insightful articles? Meet some of the people who have shared their knowledge and expertise through our website over the years:

The New Management

Joshua Cook, the new owner of Filipiknow, lives in Micronesia where more than half of the population is Filipino. Joshua acquired the website to accelerate his mission to measurably change the lives of 89,000 people. With over 13 years of leadership experience, Josh has collaborated closely with stakeholders and executives across various sectors, ranging from government entities to publicly traded companies. He has successfully orchestrated four multimillion-dollar IT projects, consulted Department Secretaries in using technology, won national awards from DOI, and developed the infrastructure needed to establish a national monument through a US presidential proclamation. Joshua loves teaching, training and coaching. He thrives when helping individuals and organizations use principles, mental models and frameworks to solve complex problems and effectuate lasting change. He has a deep appreciation for Filipino culture and people. Many of his closest friends are Filipino and he wants to enrich as many Filipino lives as possible with free and affordable professional tools.

Joanne Borja, now serving as the second in command and assistant editor at Filipiknow, bringing with her a wealth of diverse experience. Previously serving as a Regulatory Officer and Pollution Control Officer for an importation company with a global clientele spanning Asia, Europe, and America. Her expertise extends to consultancy, notably contributing to the successful implementation of permitting and licensing software in an island in Micronesia and presently offering invaluable assistance to various government agencies. Joanne has been an integral member of the Antioch Community (youth organization) for 22 years, where she honed her leadership skills. Additionally, she is a Registered Nutritionist and Dietitian, having managed multiple projects under the 3rd party agency of Nestle Philippines. She was also one of the content creators of the marketing materials of a food distribution company.

The Founder

Luisito E. Batongbakal Jr. is the founder, editor, and chief content strategist of FilipiKnow, a leading online portal for free educational, Filipino-centric content. His curiosity and passion for learning have helped millions of Filipinos around the world get access to free insightful and practical information at the touch of their fingertips. With him at the helm, FilipiKnow has won numerous awards, including the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2013, the 2015 Globe Tatt Awards, and the 2015 Philippine Bloggys Awards. Read articles by Luisito.

Venus Zoleta is an experienced writer and editor for over 10 years, covering topics on personal finance, travel, government services, and digital marketing. Her background is in journalism and corporate communications. In her early 20s, she started investing and purchased a home. Now, she advocates financial literacy for Filipinos and shares her knowledge online. When she’s not working, Venus bonds with her pet cats and binges on Korean dramas and Pinoy rom-coms. Read articles by Venus.

Kareen Lucero is a lawyer previously doing litigation before working for different agencies in the government and a multinational corporation. She has traveled to 52+ countries, including 3-month solo backpacking in South East Asia and more than 1 year of solo traveling across four continents in the world. As part of giving back, she is passionate about sharing her knowledge of law and travel. She is currently doing consulting work for a government agency. Read articles by Kareen.

Jocelyn Soriano is a CPA and a previous risk-based auditor for 11 years in a government agency exercising complementary supervision of banks. She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Accounting. She has published more than 15 books, developed several Android apps, and is currently a freelance writer and blogger experienced in creating websites, writing SEO-optimized posts, managing newsletter subscriptions, and social media marketing. She is also a poet and dreams of publishing her Filipino epic high-fantasy novel. Read articles by Jocelyn.

Camille Lamera is a medical doctor with clinical and government work experience. She has always been passionate about health education and public service, having worked in two government offices and as a part-time educator in Preventive and Community Medicine. She is currently working as a doctor in public health while also doing freelance academic and scientific writing. Read articles by Camille.

Moanna Santos holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the University of the Philippines – Diliman, where she took elective courses in Risk Management, Asian Business, Consumer Behavior, and Business Ethics. She has 3 years of experience in Procurement in the Food and Beverage Industry. A first-time mom who is constantly amazed by her toddler, she hopes to inspire others by sharing her knowledge. Read articles by Moanna.

Bermonica Satuito is a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian (RND) who earned her degree from the University of the Philippines (UP) Los Baños. She is currently practicing in the medical aesthetics industry after working in research at WHO (World Health Organization) Philippines. Qualified and trained in educating individuals to achieve optimum well-being, she writes and creates content about health on various platforms. Youth leadership, community volunteering, SDGs, ASEAN, and entrepreneurship are among her interests. Read articles by Bermonica.

Garie Ouano is an investment professional with 8+ years of research experience covering local and international equities and bonds. He has also been a CFA® charterholder since 2018. As an advocate for financial literacy, he regularly volunteers for the CFA Society Philippines. He has recently shifted from research to corporate finance and is doing work for a leading logistics company. In his spare time, he is preoccupied with Pinoy food, the horror genre, and cats. Read articles by Garie.

Ruth Raganit obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. Her love affair with Earth sciences began when she saw a pretty rock and wondered how it came to be. She also likes playing video games, doing digital art, and reading manga. Read articles by Ruth.

Arleia Agustin is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology who took interest in research and writing during her collegiate years. The time she spent at the University of the Philippines Los Baños taught her the essence of social sciences, to understand society in each of its facets, and to believe that it could be changed for the better. She loves to read, dream, observe and discover beautiful stories of the people she encounters. Read articles by Arleia.

Mary Joy Montenegro is a licensed professional teacher who obtained her Master’s Degree in Teaching Physics at De La Salle University under the Department of Science and Technology Scholarship. Aside from teaching, she also loves traveling and meeting other people. Read articles by Mary Joy.

Reggie Sison is a Registered Financial Consultant (RFC) and a Registered Estate Planner (REP) from the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (IARFC). She is a freelance writer and a frustrated relationship guru. To destress, she likes to create flowers from recycled ribbons and paper and read fantasy and horror novels. Read articles by Reggie.

Jewel Kyle Fabula is a Bachelor of Science in Economics student at the University of the Philippines Diliman. His passion for learning mathematics developed as he competed in some mathematics competitions during his Junior High School years. He loves cats, playing video games, and listening to music. Read articles by Kyle.

Earl Jeroh Bacabac’s love for the sea fueled his goal to become a marine biologist. He obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology from the University of the Philippines Visayas while also being a DOST scholar. His passion for the marine environment is rivaled by his diverse interests in music, the arts, and video games. Read articles by Earl.

Rod Michael Perez is a freelance writer with over 7 years of experience writing long-form articles, ad copy, and SEO content for local and foreign clients. He is also an aspiring startup founder and believes the Philippines could be the next hub for startup culture. He takes care of his dog, a poodle-Shih Tzu hybrid, in his spare time. Read articles by Rod.

John Bryan Rolloque graduated cum laude at the University of the Philippines Los Baños in 2018 under the B.S. Agricultural Chemistry program. He taught courses in general chemistry, analytical chemistry, and organic chemistry at UPLB’s Institute of Chemistry and has been serving as the Region IV coordinator for the Regional and National Chemistry Olympiad. Landing 8th place in the 2019 licensure exam for agriculturists, he is now taking up his master’s degree in plant physiology, also in UPLB. Read articles by John.  

Romeo Miguel Ginez is a Certified Public Accountant who has helped companies and individuals with their accounting and tax-related concerns since 2014. He currently runs an accounting firm that advocates automation and cloud-based accounting for SMEs. He is also an educator and a gamer and has a passion to debate important topics. Read articles by Romeo.

Alex R. Castro is a retired advertising executive and is now a consultant and museum curator of the Center for Kapampangan Studies of Holy Angel University, Angeles City. He is the author of 2 local history books “Scenes from a Bordertown & Other Views” and “Aro, Katimyas Da! A Memory Album of Titled Kapampangan Beauties 1908-2012”, a National Book Award finalist. He keeps 2 pop culture blogs: “Views from the Pampang” (2009 Philippine Blog Awards finalist) and Manila Carnivals 1908-1939. He is a 2014 Most Outstanding Kapampangan Awardee in the field of Arts. For comments on this article, contact him at [email protected]. Read articles by Alex.


FILIPIKNOW® is a registered trademark of the owner of Pacific Pact with Registration No. 4/2019/00504365. All content is copyrighted. 

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FILIPIKNOW® is a registered trademark of the owner of Pacific Pact with Registration No. 4/2019/00504365. All content is copyrighted.
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