Kareen Lucero

  • Lawyer for 14 years with 8 years of combined experience in compliance, procurement, contract review, and vendor management
  • Loves traveling, writing, photography, hiking, and scuba diving


Kareen started her law practice in 2006 alongside working for various government agencies such as the Department of Education, Bureau of Customs, and the National Food Authority.

She left the government in 2014 and entered the corporate world working for a multinational banking financial services company before taking a career break and traveled for more than a year across Australia, Asia, Europe, and Africa. 

She’s currently doing consulting work and writes legal-related articles for filipiknow.net. She also created the travel blog lawkwatsera.com to share travel tips and stories and encourage Filipinos to embrace backpacking. The blog is a way of fulfilling her dream of becoming a travel writer. 



Kareen graduated with a degree in Education and Law from the University of Eastern Philippines. She was admitted to the bar in 2006.

Connect with her on Facebook or via her blog lawkwatsera.com