Arleia Agustin

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Arleia Agustin took interest in research and writing during her collegiate years. The time she spent at the University of the Philippines Los Baños taught her the essence of social sciences, to understand the society in each of its facets, and to believe that it could be changed for the better. She loves to read, dream, observe and discover beautiful stories of the people she encounters.  


Work Experience

Arleia is involved in a non-government Christian organization where she has been given the opportunity to serve the marginalized sectors in the Philippines. Her excitement for learning new things brought her to different tasks—from being a researcher, writer, communications and knowledge management officer, to becoming a partnership development officer and fund manager. 



Part of the Batch 2016 of graduates, Arleia completed her college years in the University of the Philippines Los Baños as a cum laude. She became a finance head committee of a socio-civic organization, led a discipleship group in her campus, and also took a part-time job as a student assistant in the Guidance and Counseling Division under the unit of Office of Student Affairs.

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