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How To Apply for an Australian Tourist Visa as a Group

Group application can be made if you are traveling as a group (e.g. traveling with relatives or friends).

However, please note that each member of the group traveling to Australia must lodge/submit a separate visa application. This includes children and family members.

Including the person in your group application does not mean that the person has already applied for a visa. Again, they need to lodge their application separately.

Fortunately, you can use your ImmiAccount to apply for you and for your friends or other members of your family traveling with you. This way, you can apply on their behalf without the need to create multiple accounts. 

Australian Tourist Visa Group Application: A Step-by-Step Guide

The steps in lodging your application via ImmiAccount is the same, except on the following:

australian tourist visa group application philippines

a. On Page 2 of the 19 pages on Group Processing, click “Yes” on the question
“Is this application being lodge as part of a group of application?”  (see screenshot below).

A pop-up screen will appear asking you to create a group name and group type (e.g. Group Name: Dela Cruz family, Group type: Family).

You will also be given a group ID. When other members of the group will lodge their application, they can link up the group ID.

b. On page 5/19, click “Yes” on the question “Are there any other persons traveling with the applicant to Australia?”

A pop-up screen will appear asking you to write the names of the person traveling with you to Australia.

c. Once you are finished filling out your own application and submitting/attaching your supporting documents, you can now create another application by clicking “New Application” (see step 2 of the online application process) in the home page and repeat the process all over again until all the applications of the group are lodged/submitted.

For paper-based applications via VFS Global, all members of the group should submit their applications at the same time.

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