What is a credit card limit?

A credit card limit is the maximum total amount of purchases you can make with your credit card.

For example, if your BDO credit card has a limit of Php 60,000, you can only pay for items, finance charges, cash advances, balance transfers, penalties, or service fees worth Php 60,000 before “maxing out” your card.

BDO has the sole discretion of determining how much credit limit to give your card. It will rely on specific criteria like your credit history/score. The better your credit history, the higher your credit limit will be.

If you are issued two or more credit cards, BDO can decide whether to give each card a separate credit limit or assign a shared credit limit for all your cards.

For example, two BDO credit cards with a shared credit limit of Php 60,000 means every purchase made using either card reduces the available credit limit on both cards.

Hence, a Php 30,000 worth of purchase using Credit Card A and Php 10,000 worth of purchase using Credit Card B will reduce the credit limit for both cards to only Php 20,000.

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