Bob Ong Quotes: 10 Words of Wisdom to Inspire Your Life

You can’t call yourself a Filipino unless you know about Bob Ong or any of those viral Bob Ong quotes.

For some literary critics, Bob Ong is just another lame writer who has dared to break boundaries. But for his legion of fans, Ong is a genius who has brought Philippine literature to a whole new level. Such is Bob Ong’s influence that even renowned writer-critic Isagani Cruz welcomes the idea of giving a National Artist award to the country’s beloved humor writer.

So, leaving the hype behind, what really urges the masses to drool over Bob Ong’s simple yet unconventional writing style?

A Filipino critic says it all:

” Biling-bili ng mga Pinoy ang mga akda ni Bob Ong dahil may halo mang pagpapatawa ang karamihan sa kanyang mga libro, ito ay prinisinta sa paraang nagrereplika pa rin ng kultura at gawing Pilipino. Ito marahil ang dahilan kung kaya’t ang kanyang mga naunang inilathalang libro – pati ang mga susunod pa, ay matuturing na ring totoong Pinoy classics.”

Bob Ong’s works are indeed best-sellers. From ABNKKBSNPLAko?! in 2001 up to his latest book, Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin, in 2011, Bob Ong has never failed to bring insightful works to his loyal readers. No wonder his books reportedly sell at least a thousand copies every week.

On the other hand, Bob Ong’s endearing legacy goes beyond his ground-breaking books. Thanks to the power of social media, Bob Ong quotes have easily become a widespread phenomenon. From funny jokes to captivating love quotes, Bob Ong’s words truly changed the way we look at life. Who would’ve thought Bob Ong can possess such wisdom that could even challenge that of Zig Ziglar?

Listed below are some inspirational Bob Ong quotes that can make you laugh, think, and literally change the course of your life. Bob Ong might be a humor writer but dare to remember his words by heart and you’ll see the benefits of a life well-lived.

Enjoy learning


Take responsibility


Take risks


Say NO to drugs


Make mistakes


Choose wisely






Dare to dream


Follow your dream


For more inspiring Bob Ong quotes, please check out the author’s official or unofficial (fan-made) Twitter account.

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  1. Madalang ako makakita sa internet ng mga TOTOONG Bob Ong quotes. Walang sablay ang collection mo. => Salamat po sa pagbabasa. @sibobpo lang ang Twitter ko.

  2. Great quotes from Bob Ong thanks for this post! My brothers have some of his books at home.

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