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What is a Certified True Copy of Land Title and Why You Should Get One?

What is a Certified True Copy of Land Title and Why You Should Get One?

The need to get a Certified True Copy (CTC) of land and property titles cannot be overstated in the Philippines’ booming real estate market. This record is necessary to confirm a title’s existence, status, and contents.

In other words, CTCs aid in confirming the legitimacy and legal standing of the property. In addition, CTCs can be filed for several legal, financial, and administrative procedures, such as applications for loans and mortgages, visas, and more.

In this article, you will understand why obtaining a Certified True Copy (CTC) of your land title is crucial in real estate transactions. From due diligence to loan applications, CTCs provide proof of ownership and help prevent fraud, all made easier with Land Registration Authority (LRA) eSerbisyo Portal.

Sample of CTC What is a Certified True Copy of Land Title and Why You Should Get One?
Certified True Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title issued in Cebu City. This photo was donated gratuitously, freely, and unconditionally for reference purpose only


Historically, obtaining a CTC involves numerous trips to each city or municipality’s Registry of Deeds or to the Land Registration Authority (LRA) office. Now, with the LRA’s eSerbisyo Portal, processing CTCs is faster and more convenient, supporting President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s digital transformation plan.

eSP Logo What is a Certified True Copy of Land Title and Why You Should Get One?

Here are some reasons why a Certified True Copy (CTC) of one’s land title is necessary:

Performing Due Diligence

Anyone involved in buying, renting, or selling real estate must follow specific procedures, including thorough due diligence. CTCs of land titles provide solid proof of ownership, boundary details, and any encumbrances, helping parties minimize risks and make informed decisions.

Fraud and forgery are common in the real estate industry, and no buyer wants to purchase a fraudulent land title. The LRA eSerbisyo Portal allows clients and stakeholders to quickly and easily verify land titles, streamlining the due diligence process and promoting transparency and confidence in real estate transactions.

Loan/Mortgage Applications

CTCs of land titles are often required for loan or mortgage applications. Banks and financial institutions use them to verify the value and legitimacy of the property being mortgaged. The LRA eSerbisyo portal makes accessing CTCs easy, allowing borrowers to meet their loan application requirements quickly.

Real Property Tax Payment

Property owners must pay real property taxes on time to avoid fines and legal issues. Land titles serve as essential references to determine the tax obligations for a specific property accurately. Additionally, updated CTCs are necessary for local government units (LGUs) to apply real property taxes efficiently.

Documentation for Building and Construction Permits

Entrepreneurs and developers must obtain a CTC of a land title, along with various approvals from LGUs, before starting their businesses or construction projects. This document proves ownership and land use rights, serving as crucial support for these applications. The LRA eSerbisyo Portal allows applicants to quickly obtain authenticated land titles, expediting the permit process and enabling timely commencement of commercial or construction activities.

Supporting Records for Applications for Visas

People seeking to travel, work, or live abroad may need to submit CTCs of their land titles as supporting documentation. These documents prove property ownership, financial stability, and ties to the Philippines, enhancing the validity of visa applications. CTCs streamline the visa application process and increase the likelihood of approval.

An Important Function of the LRA eSerbisyo Portal

The LRA has advanced significantly in the digital age with the LRA eSerbisyo, launched under the Land Titling Computerization Project (LTCP).

Land and property owners can now request CTCs online anywhere in the country, from the comfort of their homes or businesses. The portal’s tracking tool allows users to monitor their requests at every stage, from submission to issuance. Additionally, LRA eSerbisyo features an intuitive user interface and clear visual guides, making transactions easy for all users.

LRA eSerbisyo also offers door-to-door delivery of Certified True Copy, a valuable service for those in rural areas with limited access to government offices.

Visit eserbisyo.lra.gov.ph or the LRA’s official social media pages on Facebook and Instagram to find out more about the LRA and eSerbisyo.

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