Coffee Alamid: From Cat Poop to World’s Finest

Coffee Alamid is a locally produced brew similar to the kopi luwak of Java, Indonesia. It’s a pricey alternative to your usual gourmet coffee and has become world-famous due to its exotic origins. Sold for up to $160 per pound, coffee alamid is officially the world’s most expensive brew made from cat excrement. 

Of course, it’s not like random workers pick the poop from the forest and just throw it to your cup. The process is actually intricate, giving this unusual brand its own unique charm.


Fresh From The Jungle

Making coffee alamid starts with a nocturnal animal called a civet cat. In other parts of Asia, it is also known as palm civet which is a distant relative of mongoose and raccoon. This animal mainly feasts on plants particularly the red, fleshy cherries found in coffee trees.

Once ingested, the coffee cherries will be exposed to the animal’s digestive enzymes which, in turn, strip off all its acidity. The partially digested coffee beans leave the body as excrement. Local harvesters will then pick up these beans, wash them, and eventually process them to become the world’s most expensive coffee.

From Gross to Gourmet

Coffe alamid is surprisingly one of the most sought-after brews among coffee aficionados. In fact, it has long been considered the “caviar” of coffee. Apart from the fact that it’s odor-free, coffee alamid also impresses taste buds with its aroma, syrupy texture, and chocolate undertones. Coffee alamid also boasts of a clean aftertaste and a fascinating flavor made from a combination of human labor and nature’s wonder.


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  1. Civet cat coffee would be okay if the Civets were given a natural life. They are not. These wild animals are crammed in cages and kept in horrible conditions.

    Please do not support cruelty to animals. Please do not buy any coffee produced by this method

    world.time [dot] com/2013/10/02/the-worlds-most-expensive-coffee-is-a-cruel-cynical-scam/

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