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7 Doraemon Gadgets We Wish Were Real

7 Doraemon Gadgets We Wish Were Real

If I got to keep only one pet, I’d pick Doraemon without thinking twice. Yes, he’s fictional but growing up, this robotic cat made me hope for the impossible. And I’m pretty sure most folks my age feel the same about Doraemon’s 4D pocket–a futuristic “wormhole” that can  bring up every astounding gadgets imaginable. All in all, there are a total of 4, 500 Doraemon gadgets that have fascinated generations of sci-fi fans.

However, these gadget prototypes were not just created to tickle our imagination. For the most part, they symbolize human vulnerabilities best exemplified by the feeble, clumsy Nobita and his penchant for instant gratification. At the end of every episode, we were taught of different life lessons proving that most of the time, cutting corners is the ultimate key to failure.

Nonetheless, we just can’t help but imagine how life can be much easier if we have some of these Doraemon gadgets in real life. Here are 7 of the most unforgettable and fascinating inventions straight from Doraemon’s magical pocket:



7. 3D Printer (Mecha Maker)

doraemon gadgets mecha maker 3D printer

How it works: This lovely printer can literally convert your drawings into real, life-sized versions. In other words, your imagination is the limit. Once you have an idea in mind (say your dream house), you can then draw it out on a piece of paper. Put the paper diagram on the slit located on the middle portion of the printer. The data will then pass through a tube, a compressor, and finally an exit hole where you’ll get what you wished for.

Ideal for: Anyone who have craved for a genie in a bottle will find this gadget truly satisfying. From fancy cars to a lovely house, 3D printer is designed to give virtually all material things you’ve been drooling for. Heck, you can even draw Channing Tatum and get your own celebrity boy toy. Just make sure you have excellent drawing skills or everything might turn out a disaster. [Image source: http://gadgets.boingboing.net]



6. Memory Bread (“Anki-Pan”)

doraemon memory bread

How it works: Place it against your school notes, a page of a book, or anything else that contains data you want to memorize. A special mechanism enables this bread to fully absorb all the information written on a page. You can then eat the bread on your breakfast and voilà, you’re one step closer to that perfect test score!

Ideal for: Lazy students who love cramming during exam weeks. You can also use it if you forgot to memorize your speech but badly want to impress your listeners. Memory bread is also perfect for both struggling and established actors who hate memorizing their scripts word for word.  [Image source: ryoko2784blog.blogspot.com]



5. Jelly Translator (Translator konyaku)

jelly-translator doraemon gadget

How it works: Eat this magical konjac jelly and you’ll instantly know how to speak and understand every single language in the universe. Unlike the memory bread which only works until you eliminate it from your body, the duration of the jelly translator’s effect is unknown.

Ideal for: Professionals who either want to impress or find more opportunities around the world. If you’re a nurse, for example, your language proficiency will allow you to work in Japan, US, Germany or even in unknown places around the universe. You’ll even forget that ‘language barriers’ do exist. [Image source: doraemon.mangawiki.org]



4. Time Cloth (Time Furoshiki)

time furoshiki doraemon gadget

How it works: Wrap it around any object or living things and depending on which side you use, you can either get a younger, brand-new version or its older, deteriorating counterpart.

Ideal for: People afraid of aging but can’t afford to buy expensive cosmetic products. You can even turn your dog back to its younger, cuter puppy version. And if your house is crowded with appliances as old as Einstein, you can give your family a favor by wrapping them with a time cloth one by one. You can then set up a garage sale and make extra bucks from those brand new equipment. [Image source: bluedreamer27.blogspot.com ]



3. Dress Up Camera (Kisekae Camera)


How it works: Cut out your favorite dress from fashion magazines or catalogues. An alternative would be those ready-made clothes from your paper doll collection. Insert it on the camera and then focus the viewfinder to the person whom you want to wear the said clothes. In an instant, you can get a complete wardrobe without going to the mall.

Ideal for: Fashionistas or any person who loves to dress and impress. These include fashion bloggers who want to feature the best items for their readers but are short of money to do it regularly.  [Image source: http://www.anymanga.mobi/doraemon/]



2. Take-copter

take copter doraemon gadgets

How it works: Take-copter came from the words taketombo (Japanese word for bamboo-copter) and helicopter. In several Doraemon episodes, takecopter was shown as a head accessory which uses mind control to propel itself in the air. You can use the tiny suction cup to attach the propeller to your head or any parts of the body. Although your thoughts determine its destination, take-copter has a limited battery supply which only lasts for 8 hours.

Ideal for: Office workers whose daily existence is ruined by heavy rush-hour traffic. Commuters can also use it in times of flood or if there’s a meeting they need to attend urgently. Especially if you wear protective sunblock, you can also use this to get to your dream destination, passport-free! [Image source: ayubi.hubpages.com]



1. The ‘Anywhere’ Door (Dokodemo Door)

anywhere or dokodemo door doraemon gadget

How it works: Just tell your dream destination and this magic door will do the trick. Whether it’s the Machu Picchu or a planet that is 100, 000 light years away from Earth, the ‘anywhere’ door will make sure you land to the right location. It only connects two different locations, though, so make sure you visit places one at a time.

Ideal for: Explorers who want to travel the world without worrying about passports and foreign policies. Those who are dying to get a one-way ticket to Mars can also bypass the rigorous selection and get to meet Marvin the Martian face to face. All these with convenience of a door that takes you anywhere you want. [Image source: www.oystermag.oysterworldwide.org]

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