How To Say “Happy Birthday” In Tagalog

Happy Birthday in Tagalog

Do you know that there are two ways to say happy birthday in Tagalog?

Actually, most Filipinos prefer to greet their loved ones using the English language. Traditionally, this is how it translates in Filipino:

Maligayang bati

Happy birthday


It literally means “joyful greetings,” but it’s already understood by most Filipinos as happy birthday. Another more common way of saying it in Tagalog is:

Maligayang kaarawan

Happy birthday


This is a more accurate version since maligaya means happy and kaarawan means birthday in English.

Take note that pronunciation in Tagalog is pretty straightforward; you pronounce the word as it is (Mah-li-gah-yang Bah-ti or Mah-li-gah-yang Ka-ah-rah-whan).


Here are its other variations, including the English translations:

Maligayang kaarawan sa iyo!

Happy birthday to you!


Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan!

Happy wishes on your birthday!


VIDEO: How To Say Happy Birthday In Tagalog (Plus, Happy Birthday Song In Filipino).


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