How much does it cost to file a petition for legal separation?

The misconception is that legal separation is cheaper than an annulment. This is not usually the case.

Upon your lawyer’s evaluation, the fee will depend on the complexities of your case and whether several properties are involved. In a legal separation, there is no need to secure the services of a psychologist so the professional fee allotted for the latter is dispensed with.

Most lawyers do not handle legal separation case as a package but prefer to be paid with their professional fees only, that is,

  • Acceptance fee of around Php 50,000 to Php 100,000
  • A pleading fee ranging from Php 5,000 to Php 10,000
  • Appearance fee of around Php 3,000 to Php 7,000 depending on the location

Other costs to consider are:

  • Filling/Docket fee of around Php 5,000
  • Cost of publication of around Php 15,000 or more in case your spouse cannot be located and summons needs to be published
  • Miscellaneous or incidental expenses of around Php 20,000 to Php 30,000

For big law firms and other lawyers practicing independently, the going rate for a package fee ranges from Php 200,000 to Php 500,000 or more.

In both payment scheme, factors considered are:

  • Location
  • The professional standing of the lawyer
  • The amounts involved
  • The benefits you will gain from the grant of your petition (e.g., if your spouse is considered the guilty spouse and all properties will be granted in your favor).

Please note these costs are just estimates. It varies from lawyer to lawyer and from place to place. You should discuss the financial aspect to your chosen lawyer before signing a Retainer Agreement.

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