How To Say “I Love You” In Tagalog

I Love You In Tagalog

Saying I love you in Tagalog isn’t as straightforward as you think. The direct translation is:

Mahal kita.

I love you.

Take note that mahal also means “expensive” in Tagalog. For example:

Ang mahal ng cellphone.

The cellphone is expensive.

There’s also an old-fashioned, or should I say “poetic,” way of saying I love you in Tagalog:

Iniibig kita/Iniirog kita.

I love you.

Here are other ways/variations of saying I love you in Tagalog:

Mahal din kita.

I love you too.

Minahal kita.

I loved you.

Mahal na mahal kita.

I love you very much.

Mahal na mahal din kita

I also love you very much.

Mahal mo pa ba ako?

Do you still love me?

Hindi kita mahal.

I don’t love you.

Mahal kita talaga.

I really love you.

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Did you know? Apart from Tagalog, there are also different languages in the Philippines, each of which has its own word for “love.” Read More: 6 Beautiful Words For “Love” From Different Philippine Languages.

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