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An Ultimate Guide to Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines (Updated List)

An Ultimate Guide to Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines (Updated List)

Whether you are calling or texting someone, it’s practical to know their mobile network. It keeps you from the skyrocketing cost of connecting with a different network and makes the most out of your load promo.

But how do we know which network a mobile number belongs to?

We use the mobile number prefix!

Get to know which network a mobile number belongs to using our complete list of mobile number prefixes in the Philippines.


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Mobile Number Prefix

A mobile number in the Philippines consists of 11 digits. The first four digits of a number, which is called the prefix, indicates its network. So, if your number is 09152468101, the digits “0915” tells you the network of that number (which is Globe).


Mobile Networks in the Philippines

There are three major mobile network operators (MNO) in the Philippines: Smart, Globe, and DITO.

Sun Cellular and Talk N’ Text are under Smart Communications. Meanwhile, TM is under Globe Telecom.

There are also  mobile virtual network operators such as GOMO and Cherry Prepaid SIM (which are both under Globe Telecom) which provide cellular services.


List of Mobile Number Prefixes in the Philippines

Save time searching which network a mobile number belongs using the updated list of mobile number prefixes below.

Table 1: Mobile Number Prefixes Arranged by Numerical Order

0813Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0904Globe or TM
0905Globe or TM
0906Globe or TM
0907Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0908Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0909Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0910Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0911Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0912Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0913Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0914Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0915Globe or TM
0916Globe or TM
0917Globe or TM
0918Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0919Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0920Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0921Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0922Sun Cellular
0923Sun Cellular
0924Sun Cellular
0925Sun Cellular
0926Globe or TM
0927Globe or TM
0928Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0929Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0930Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0931Sun Cellular
0932Sun Cellular
0933Sun Cellular
0934Sun Cellular
0935Globe or TM
0936Globe or TM
0937Globe or TM
0938Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0939Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0940Sun Cellular
0941Sun Cellular
0942Sun Cellular
0943Sun Cellular
0944Sun Cellular
0945Globe or TM
0946Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0947Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0948Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0949Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0950Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0951Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0953Globe or TM
0954Globe or TM
0955Globe or TM
0956Globe or TM
0963Smart or Talk N’ Text
0965Globe or TM
0966Globe or TM
0967Globe or TM
0970Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0973Sun Cellular
0974Sun Cellular
0975Globe or TM
0976Globe or TM (as well as for GOMO)
0977Globe or TM
0978Globe or TM
0979Globe or TM
0981Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0989Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0992Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0994Globe or TM
0995Globe or TM
0996Globe or TM
0997Globe or TM
0998Smart or Talk ‘N Text
0999Smart or Talk ‘N Text

Table 2: Mobile Number Prefixes Grouped According to Mobile Network

GLOBE / TMSmart / Talk ‘N TextSun CellularDITO SIM
0976 (also for GOMO)0949
0996 (also for Cherry Prepaid SIM)0989

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I switch networks without changing my mobile number?

Yes, the Mobile Network Portability (MNP) law allows you to switch networks while keeping your existing number. This is now available for Globe, SMART, and DITO (also for TM, Sun, TNT, and GOMO).

2. How can I find my mobile number?

You can use the About Phone feature under your phone’s settings. You can also see your number written in your SIM card.

3. The mobile number is written with a +63 at the beginning. How can I know its network?

Just replace +63 with “0” and use the list of prefixes above to determine which network the number belongs to. For instance, the number +639071234567 is just 09071234567 with a prefix 0907 which belongs to Smart.

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