16 Beautiful Words For “Love” From Different Philippine Languages

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What is love? For some, it’s the best word to describe the bond we have with our mothers, the emotion that grips us when we help other humans in need or the invisible force that inspires us to fight for our country.

However, two kinds of love always reign supreme. One involves our Creator, while the other binds two completely different people together. The latter is the universal language we all understand, one that breaks boundaries and transcends language barriers.

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Interestingly, language is also the easiest way to express one’s love. And here in the Philippines, you have plenty of languages to choose from. Take note that I’m using language instead of dialect because, as one linguist explained it, there’s a concept of “mutual intelligibility” which suggests:

“Two languages where speakers can understand each other are considered dialects of the same language, whereas two languages where the speakers cannot understand each other are, indeed, separate languages.”

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There are about 150 existing languages in the country today, each of which is distinct from each other. But while Filipinos from different regions sometimes don’t understand each other, two things always unite them as one: their shared history and innate ability to love.


1. Pagsintá (Tagalog).

How to say love in different Philippine languages


2. Pagkamúot (Bikol).

Love in Bikolano


3. Gúgma (Sebwano/Waray/Hiligaynon).

Love in Bisaya


4. Pagpangga (Sebwano).

Love in Cebuano


5. Amór (Chavacano).

Love in Chavacano


6. Pag-írog (Tagalog).

Love in Different Philippine Languages


7. Paggíliw (Tagalog).

Love in Filipino language


8. Iddu (Ibanag).

Love in Ibanag


9. Ayatén (Ilokano).

Love in Ilokano


10. Chadaw/chadao (Ivatan).

Love in Ivatan


11. Pamalsintá (Kapampangan).

Love in Kapampangan


12. Pagkiog (Maguindanao).

Love in Maguindanao language


13. Dálit (Pangasinan).

Love in Pangasinan language


14. Paláyaw (Sinaunang Tagalog).

Love in Sinaunang Tagalog


15. Pag-ibig (Tagalog).

Love in Tagalog


16. Pagmamahal (Tagalog).

The Word Love in Different Philippine Languages

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