Can a Pag IBIG Member Apply for Multiple/Additional Housing Loans?


According to Pag IBIG Circular No. 3961 released in January of 2018, members who have an existing housing loan can still qualify for one or more additional housing loans with the following conditions:

  • The borrower must have the capacity to pay. Specifically, the total monthly amortizations of your existing housing loan and the new loan/s must not exceed 35% of your gross monthly income.
  • The total of your new housing loan/s and the outstanding balance of your existing loan (also known as the aggregate loan value) must not exceed Php 6 million. If you’re a co-borrower, your share of the outstanding balance of the existing housing loan will also be included in the computation.
  • Should you qualify for the Pag IBIG multiple housing loan, always remember that the moment one of your housing loans becomes default because of your failure to pay, the rest of your housing loan accounts will be treated as default as well. 

As with a regular housing loan, multiple/additional housing loans can also be used to finance any of these housing loan purposes.

Many Pag IBIG members with an existing housing loan avail of another one to invest in a condominium unit and then rent it out to earn income.

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