Meet the Face Behind ABS-CBN’s Voice-Over

Have you ever wondered who is the man behind ABS-CBN’s voice-over?

For almost two decades, Mr. Peter Musngi has reigned both television and movie trailers without coming out of the spotlight. The secret? His voice does all the work.

It is impossible for any Filipino, young or old,  to not recognize this “golden voice” from the country’s biggest TV network. Be it on radio, movies, or TV show trailers, Peter’s voice has added spice to our daily entertainment.

From “Peter Rabbit” to Media Legend

An alumnus of University of the East, Mr. Peter Musngi started his career as a staff announcer for DZYK-FM.   He then worked as a disc jockey for several radio stations within 15 years. But fate eventually led him to his true passion: commercial announcing.

During his stint as a voice-over talent in radio, he sang the nursery rhyme “Little Peter Rabbit” without knowing that he’s already on-air. The late Helen Vela was one of the listeners during that time and since then, Mr. Musngi has earned the nickname “Peter Rabbit”.

Leadership by Example

Within the span of his career, Peter Musngi has earned several high positions and the respect of his colleagues to boot. He became the station manager of DZMM and DWRR from 1988 to 1994; assistant vice president for Manila Radio from 1994 to 1997; vice president at SkyCable from 1997 to 1998; and assistant vice president for ABS-CBN Sports from 1998 to 2002.

He was recently recognized in the 2011 CEO Excel Awards or Communication Excellence in Organizations Awards for his exemplary leadership as ABS-CBN Manila Radio Division. Peter Musngi also hosted the award-winning programs such as Kumikitang Kabuhayan on ABS-CBN Channel 2 and Radyo Negosyo on DZMM-AM.

Peter Musngi’s legacy is a tough act to follow. His impressive track record has inspired modern voice-over talents such as China Heart and Studio 23’s Jeremy Domingo to continue honing their craft.

But despite his nationwide reach, Peter Musngi still prefers to work behind the spotlight and continue to mark his territory as the country’s indisputable “golden voice”.

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  1. wow.. now ko lang to nakikilala. thanks to you.. i am amused tlga of his track record. tas, xa pla ang voice behind most of the ABS CBN shows esp sa mga movies and all.. naman..

    1. @Kai I agree. This man is irreplaceable. Sometimes I wonder who’s going to take his throne once he’s dead. But I hope he continues to do voice-over for as long as he can.

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