Complete UPCAT/CET Mathematics Study Guide Bundle [Digital Downloads]


Download the only study guide you need to score high in the UPCAT mathematics subtest dreaded by most test-takers.



  • The only study guide you need to score high in the mathematics subtest dreaded by most test-takers.
  • It covers the essential math concepts frequently appearing in UPCAT and other major College Entrance Tests (CETs),  so you won’t rack your brains figuring out what to study.
  • Full-color pages with engaging images and visual elements so you won’t get bored studying.
  • It comes with free companion printable flashcards and a 50-item mock exam to further boost your performance.
  • It’s designed to help you get your absolute best score in the mathematics subtest, giving you an edge over most examinees who perform poorly at math.
  • It was created and reviewed by a subject matter expert and an educator from the University of the Philippines – Diliman.
  • Ideal for those who hate math or need a math refresher, our math reviewer is designed to provide maximum learning in a minimum amount of time.


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