BIR RDO Code of Subic Bay Freeport Zone: Everything You Need to Know

RDO Code: 019

RDO: Subic Bay Freeport Zone

This RDO is located in Subic Bay Freeport Zone which is a special economic zone covering parts of Olongapo City and it’s also known as Subic Bay.

In this article, you’ll find all the essential information about your RDO (Revenue District Office). Knowing your RDO Code is important because it’s where your tax is registered and it’s where you can process different transactions under the scope of BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue).

Office Location: BIR Bldg., Burgos St cor. Samson Rd., Subic Bay Freeport Zone

Contact Information:

  1. Direct Number: (047) 252-3747 / 252-3727
  2. Collection: (047) 252-3267/ 251-3668
  3. Fax Number:  (047) 252-37-47
  4. Email Address: [email protected]

Areas of Jurisdiction:

City of Olongapo, Municipality of Subic, Province of Zambales (The lands occupied by the Subic Bay Naval Base and its contiguous extensions, embraced, covered, and defined by the 1947 Philippine U.S. Military Base Agreement)

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