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The Ultimate Social Science Reviewer

The Ultimate Social Science Reviewer

How well do you know yourself and the society you’re living in? Why do we act the way we do?

These are just some of the questions that social science can answer.

As a group of disciplines, social science is designed to give us a deeper insight into our society. It can influence how we make laws, understand each other, and deal with issues of equality and diversity.

This social science reviewer is divided into three equally important subjects: Sociology, Anthropology, and Psychology.

Whether you’re a lifetime student of social sciences or someone preparing for LET, NMAT, and other major exams, this compiled reviewer has something to offer you.

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Ultimate NMAT Reviewer

Table of Contents


Part I: Sociology and Anthropology

Sociology, being the mother of all social sciences, involves a wide range of interesting topics—from how societies are formed, how structures and cultural patterns evolve throughout history, how these things affect our lives today, and how its directions are continuously shaped by individuals. 

This reviewer focuses on the fundamentals of sociology as a discipline, such as the basic perspectives on looking at society, its essential elements, and the different social institutions and the roles they play. 

A primer on anthropology as a branch of social science is also included.

1. The Role and Scope of Sociology

role and scope of sociology

Let’s look at the historical roots of sociology and the early thinkers that contributed to its development as a discipline. Click here to go to the article.


2. The World in Sociological Lens

list of sociological theories and perspectives

Learn the dominant perspectives and theories that will serve as a guide on how an aspiring sociologist should look at society. Click here to go to the article.


3. Elements of Sociological Analysis

different elements of sociological analysis

Get into the heart of sociology by learning the essential elements that constitute society like culture, social interactions, groups, deviance, and social control, among others. Click here to go to the article.


4. Social Institutions

types of social institutions

Social institutions arise because of a felt need of the members of society. In this article, we will look at the different social institutions—their roles and impact on society. Click here to go to the article.


5. Economy and Work


Trace the origin of the economy and the different economic sectors and economic systems that keep our society alive. Click here to go to the article.

social change and current trends

Understand the different types of collective behaviors and different social movements that have historically shaped society. Click here to go to the article.

social change and future trends

Know how society’s values are replaced over time and how its structures change their form. Click here to go to the article.


8. Important Figures in Sociology

important figures in sociology

Meet some of the prominent individuals who helped lay out the foundations and building blocks of sociology as a discipline. Click here to go to the article.


9. Sociological Terms

sociological terms

Here’s a rundown of some of the most basic yet essential sociological concepts that one has to know when learning about the study of society. Click here to go to the article.


10. Anthropology as a Social Science

anthropology as a social science

As a branch of social science, anthropology enables you to discover the richness and beauty of mankind. Understand it better by exploring its origins, subfields, and central concepts. Click here to go to the article.

Arleia Agustin

A graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Arleia Agustin took interest in research and writing during her collegiate years. The time she spent at the University of the Philippines Los Baños taught her the essence of social sciences, to understand the society in each of its facets, and to believe that it could be changed for the better. She loves to read, dream, observe and discover beautiful stories of the people she encounters.

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