“Solidarity Ring” – Philippines’ Biggest Ring

This post was most recently updated on July 6th, 2018

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So far, the largest ring ever made in the Philippines can be found in Compostela Valley in Davao region. Aptly named “Solidarity Ring”, this giant gem was created to symbolize Compostela’s “historical unity, rich cultural heritage, and wealth of natural resources”.

The fund used for this project came from donations of several well-known politicians, businessmen, and private citizens of Compostela Valley. Solidarity Ring was unveiled by Gov. Arturo Uy in 2008 during the first Bulawan Festival.

It has the year “1998” imprinted on its front to commemorate the report released by Bureau of Mines and Geo-Sciences in the same year. The landmark report revealed that Compostela Valley has a total of 36, 328, 699 metric tons of gold deposits, making the province one the richest gold hot spots in the world.

Weighing 1.488 kilograms, Solidarity Ring was designed by Glitterworks’ Joel and Frelli Asis. It is an 18-karat two-toned ring with interior diameter of 5 inches and exterior diameter of 6 inches.

Solidarity Ring is made from a combination of 1.18 kilograms of gold (shining finish) and 308 grams of pure silver (diamond, matte finish). The overall value of this giant ring is estimated to be PHP 1.5 million. 

The record-breaking ring is currently on exhibit inside the provincial capitol in Brgy. Cabidianan.