FilipiKnow’s Tagalog-English Dictionary


When I started this blog a few years ago, building a Tagalog-English dictionary was actually part of the blueprint.

However, as I delved into the wild, wonderful world of Philippine history and culture, I lost sight of that plan, so much so that I had completely forgotten about it.

But now it’s different.

After a few years of writing random stuff that spark my curiosity, my desire to create an online resource for the Tagalog language has returned.

After all, this website was originally created to help Filipinos born and raised in the US discover more about their roots. And you can’t fully appreciate Philippine culture unless you first learn about its language.

Therefore, this Tagalog-English dictionary has been created with the same goal of promoting Filipino culture. A lot of resources have been started solely to teach Filipinos how to learn foreign languages; it’s about time to teach our own.

This project is a work in progress and I’ll try to add one new word everyday. Don’t forget to bookmark this page to get the latest updates.

Fun Fact: Strictly speaking, dictionary is talahuluganan in Tagalog. However, most Filipinos prefer to use diksiyonaryo, which is actually a Tagalog word derived from the Spanish diccionario.

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