How To Say “Thank You” In Tagalog

Thank You In Tagalog

Thank you is an expression of one’s gratitude. Thank you in Tagalog is Salamat (informal), pronounced as “sa-la-mat.”

If you are speaking to an older person or someone in a higher position, add the expression “po” at the end to show your respect:

Salamat po

Thank you (formal)

When you want to emphasize how thankful you are, say:

Maraming salamat

Thank you very much/Thanks a lot/Many thanks/Thanks much (informal)

Maraming salamat po

Thank you very much/Thanks a lot/Many thanks/Thanks much (formal)

Here are its other variations, including the English translations:

Maraming-maraming salamat

Thank you very very much

Maraming salamat po sa inyo

Many thanks to you (formal)

Salamat sa pagtulong mo sa pamilya ko.

Thank you for helping my family.

Nagpapasalamat ako sa lahat ng pumunta sa aking kaarawan.

I’m grateful for everyone who came to my birthday.

Pasalamatan mo siya.

Thank him/her.

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Did you know? A brave Filipino named Magat Salamat, crowned prince of the Kingdom of Tondo, conspired with other local leaders to overthrow the Spaniards during the 16th century. Read More: 10 Infamous Traitors In Philippine History.

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