Top 10 Coolest Easter Egg Designs

From stunning Faberge creations to pop culture-inspired easter egg designs, Christ’s Resurrection is truly a visual feast like no other. But just like what happens during Christmas, people around the world seem to forget what Easter Sunday is all about. In fact, we somehow fail to remember that easter eggs are actually pagan in nature.

So what gives?

Perhaps we have gotten lost in the colorful festivities to the point that we neglect the essence of Christ’s gift to us. The gift of Life that is way beyond any chocolate bunny or impressive easter egg designs could offer. So before you indulge in the sweet goodness of Easter Egg hunt, may you bow down your head first and thank the Lord for everything He has done.

And for some of you who couldn’t make it to the celebration, feel free to feast your eyes on some of the most artistic Easter Egg designs listed below. The custom of painting easter eggs—traditionally known as “Pysanka”— has its roots in an old, 13th century pagan tradition of commemorating Eostra, the German goddess of fertility. Over the years, Christians have adopted the tradition to symbolize Christ’s raising from the dead. The rest, as they say, is history as colorful as these easter egg pictures:

10. Monstrous Easter Eggs

Monstrous Easter Eggs

With a few paper cut-outs and a pinch of wild creativity, Neil Numberman managed to pull off this monstrous collection. They may be ugly-looking but the  intricacy involved in creating them has made this group of ogres more than just a childhood work-of-art. [Image source]

9. “All-Star Cast” Easter Eggs

cartoons easter eggs

Familiar faces of Hello Kitty, Garfield, Smiley, Smurf, Pink Panther, and Bart Simpson will welcome you in this nostalgic Easter Egg collection. With cute designs and an “all-star” cast to boot,  these little goodies will surely make you love to bring them home. [Image source]

8. Anime Easter Eggs

anime easter egg

Take a trip down memory lane with these easter egg designs showcasing some of our favorite anime characters from way back then. They may be gone for years but the fine details imprinted in these easter eggs made these characters as lively and action-packed as before. [Image source]

7. “Mass Effect” Easter Eggs

pop culture easter eggs

Easter egg designer Lesley A. Jensen put a little twist on our classic easter eggs with this 2012 collection. It features some of the notable characters of the popular video game “Mass Effect”. She is also known as DeviantART member Red Flare and you can see more of her pop culture-inspired collection here. [Image source]

6. Aging Easter Eggs

aging easter eggs

Truth be told, no one is immune to the the nasty effects of aging. Here are just two stunning  easter egg designs that could somehow remind us of our older folks who are way past their prime. Yes, even easter eggs didn’t succeed in finding the fountain of youth. [Image source]

5. “Battlestar Galactica” Easter Eggs

BattleStar Galactica Easter Egg

Bring out your geeky side with this fascinating easter egg designs featuring the characters of Baltar, Adama, Tigh, Starbuck , Athena, among others from the popular Battlestar Galactica. Inspired by the show’s themes of “death, resurrection, and rebirth”, the creator made this egg-cellent collection using  special “craft eggs” and her sheer artistic talent. [Image source]

4. Painter’s Easter Eggs

painter's eggs

Prepare to be amazed with this artistic collection that captures the famous works of Van Gogh, Picasso, and other well-known legends. Made by a blogger with a nickname of U., this first-class easter egg designs prove once again that great artistry can be translated to virtually any shape or form. [Image source]

3. “Alice in Wonderland” Easter Eggs


Relive the fierceness of the Red Queen and the rest of the gang with this classic easter egg collection. It features some of the  favorite “Alice in Wonderland” characters who recently graced the screen through Tim Burton’s 2010 blockbuster movie. [Image source]

2. Easter Egg Fireflies

easter egg fireflies

Kids will surely love the idea of glow-in-the-dark critters from these lovely easter egg decorating ideas. Using LED tealight as illumination and a few colorful cut-outs as decoration, one can create this little masterpiece and enjoy its glowing beauty for the rest of the summer. [Image source]

1. Magical Easter Egg

magical ostrich egg

Made from Ostrich egg, this elegant and detailed masterpiece is only one of Lorinda Clara Martha Abraham’s fine collection. It may not be as embellished as the classic Faberge creations but thanks to Lorinda’s egg-cellent love for crafts, this purple fairy egg is undeniably one of the best easter egg designs out there. [Image source]

Bonus: Lady Gaga Easter Egg

lady gaga easter egg

Here’s the iconic Lady Gaga sitting on a white egg holder. Hate if you must but this just goes to show the popular musician never loses her quirkiness even as, er, a plain egg. [Image source]


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