Top 10 Funniest Pinoy Bloopers

Local television shows are not just fantastic time-wasters. Watch them live and you might see real people showing unscripted comments and priceless reactions. And if you’re already sick of superheroes and tearjerkers, this list will prove that local boob tube can be just as fascinating as it should be.

Please be reminded that my goal is not to degrade anyone but to let people know that mistakes should never be taken seriously. So without further ado, here’s a rundown of the ten funniest TV bloopers we have on YouTube:


10. Rachelle Ann Go slipped..with a Whistle!

Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of nip slips and celebrities falling down on stage. But it’s rare to see someone rising above mistakes professionally with a whistle sound to boot. Rachel Ann Go did these but she still deserves a spot nonetheless.

9. Noli De Castro Had the Last Laugh

No one–not even veteran news reporter Korina Sanchez–is immune from occasional bloopers. Surprisingly, its not Korina’s awkward moment but Noli de Castro’s contagious laugh that made the above video an instant hit. I guess seeing their lighter side once in a while is not a bad idea.

8. Claudine Barretto Caught Off-Guard

Forget about the NAIA scandal; this one happened when Claudine’s career was at its peak. While climbing down the stairs of “A.S.A.P Mania” stage back in 2003, Claudine accidentally tripped. And we all know what flew out of her mouth after that. The video is a bit old but Claudine’s unexpected reaction is truly laugh-worthy.

7. Wowowee Contestant Thanking Eat Bulaga

As the main host of the now-defunct Wowowee, Willie Revillame welcomed shockers in all shapes and sizes. But it is those contestants who still couldn’t figure out which is which that baffle him–and the rest of us– the most. Does Eat Bulaga’s impact that overwhelming? Watch the video and see for yourself.

6. Eat Bulaga Contestant Thanking Willie Revillame

Confused television viewers never fail to impress us these days. And just when you thought the epidemic was over, Eat Bulaga revealed another casualty: a woman who thanked Willie Revillame instead of the noontime show. Thank God for Jose and Wally as they turned this awkward incident into a fun-filled spoof.

5. Mahal’s Public Outburst (Hint: It’s Confusing)

It’s never my intention to disrespect Mahal in any way. But regardless if she’s angry or not, Mahal remains an adorable celebrity who always makes us smile. And now that the controversies between her and Jim Boy are over, let’s take a look back on one of her unforgettable–and confusing (at least in a cute way)–TV interviews.

4. Allan K and His False Teeth

Dentures are supposed to prevent our facial muscles from sagging. But push it out of your mouth and you’ll get people laughing like crazy. Lucky for Allan K, his Eat Bulaga family was too jolly to take it seriously. Allan’s popping false teeth is inarguably one of Bulagaan’s funniest moments ever.

3. The Falling “Pustiso”

When emotions are overpowering, some people become negligent of important things–their dentures, included. In an embarrassing scene that defeats Allan K.’s “Bulagaan” moment, this Ilongga forgot to keep her teeth intact. Moral lesson of the story? Think before you speak.

2. Lesson of the day: Triangle has four sides!

The next time you warn your kids to stay away from drugs, remember Romano Matiyo. In a hilarious attempt to vindicate himself, this alleged tricycle thief suddenly turned into an English-speaking geometry junkie (what’s up with triangle and square root?!). Police said he’s probably high from drugs but for the rest of us, he’s a laughing stock we’ll remember for years.

1. Michael Fajatin’s head-spinning report

Michael Fajatin‘s classic bloopers gave a whole new meaning to the term “hilarious confusion”. But thanks to his adorable reporting style, Fajatin is still kicking despite his past blunders. TV viewers have forgiven him but as long as there’s Mr. You Tube out there, his ‘epic fail’ moments will remain a fascinating source of stress relief.


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  1. panalo yung nahulog na pustiso, cute pa naman si ate~

    sana isama dito yung kay Jiggy Manicad (pagdagasa ng mga tae, nahulog and ilog sa bata)

  2. LOKO TOH! hahahahahahahaha! Favorite ko yung kay mahal at yung number 1. Yung number 2, natawa talaga ako, triangle has four sides!?

    P.S. Yung vid ni korina and noli, di siya nag wowork! 🙂

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