How To Get US Visa for a Baby: A Quick Guide

You can follow the same procedure for regular US Visa applications. The only difference is how the interview/appointment will be handled.

During your baby’s appointment at the US Embassy, fill out the green paper for applicants and indicate that you’re filling out the form on behalf of the applicant and in the space for ‘REASON’, write ‘MINOR’.

You’ll be given a yellow Express Card to indicate that you belong to the priority lane since you’re applying for an infant’s visa.

During the appointment, you’ll go through the window for initial screening where the documents will be checked. If everything goes smoothly, you’ll go to the ID verification window. The babies are exempted from fingerprint scanning if they’re too young.

Lastly, you’ll face the actual interview but in most cases, the only question asked is whether or not you’re applying for the baby’s visa only. You may also be asked to present your US visa. Once the interview is over, the consul will let you know the result and when you can expect your baby’s US visa to arrive.

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