8 Vintage Photos of Filipinos Having a Merry Christmas

Christmas is really in the air.

And while statistics claims that break-ups tend to peak during this season, most of us look forward to Christmas as a great time to share with our loved ones. After all, ’tis the season to be jolly. And this is true today as it was yesterday.

Just look at these 8 vintage photos of prominent and ordinary Filipinos enjoying the holidays:

December 24 1904 + Emilio Aguinaldo + Buencamino + AglipayDecember 1904: Emilio Aguinaldo (front row, second from left) while attending a Christmas Eve feast at Malate with Gregorio Aglipay (on his left) and Felipe Buencamino  (standing to his rear). [Image source]

vintage christmas card 1 + Philippines + Filipino

1930’s: Vintage card featuring a sweet Yuletide poem. [Image source: Pinoy Kollektor]

vintage christmas card 3 + Philippines + Filipino

1912: Vintage Christmas card showing the face of a charming Filipina mestiza. [Image source: Pinoy Kollektor]

Manuel Quezon + Aurora Quezon + vintage Christmas cardA pre-war vintage Christmas card featuring the happy faces of President Manuel Quezon and First Lady Aurora Quezon.  [Image source: Presidential Museum and Library’s Official Tumblr Page]

vintage christmas photo 2 + Philippines + Filipino

Another vintage Christmas card from the Philippines’ Christmas Past. [Image source: Pinoy Kollektor]

nora aunor + tirso cruz iii + vintage christmas photoDecember 1973: Superstar Nora  Aunor, Tirso Cruz III and their famous doll, Maria Leonora Theresa, on the cover of DARNA magazine. [Image source]

young Gloria Macapagal Arroyo + vintage Christmas photoDiosdado Macapagal Jr. inspects gifts prepared for the Children’s Christmas Festival as First Lady Evangeline M. Macapagal, Arturo Macapagal, and the young Gloria Macapagal look on. [Image source: Presidential Museum and Library]

President Elpidio Quirino + vintage Christmas photoPresident Elpidio Quirino giving a gift to a little boy in Santa Claus’ arms. [Image source: Presidential Museum and Library]


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