What is the middle name of an illegitimate child in the Philippines?

If the child was born after the effectivity of RA No. 9255 (March 19, 2004 onwards) and is acknowledged by the father and AUSF is executed, the child’s middle name shall be the surname of the mother.

In case the middle name was initially left blank in the Certificate of Live Birth, a supplemental report should be filed in the local civil registry where the birth is recorded. Before the middle name can be supplied, the applicant or the parent should submit an Affidavit indicating the entry omitted (i.e., the middle name) and the reason for its omission, among other required documents.

On the other hand, if the child is not acknowledged by the father or even if the child is acknowledged by the father but no AUSF is executed, the child will have no middle name (the entry under the middle name will be blank).

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