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My Philippine passport has been damaged or mutilated. What should I do?

A damaged passport is an invalid passport.

Immigration officers don’t allow entry of travelers with damaged or mutilated passports.

Therefore, it’s your responsibility to schedule an appointment with the DFA to have your passport replaced before your scheduled overseas trip.

Damaged or mutilated Philippine passport will be treated as a NEW application.

But what kind of damage makes a Philippine passport invalid?

According to DFA, a passport is considered mutilated or damaged if it has one or more of the following conditions:

  • The data page or any information on it is torn or damaged to the point of unreadability.
  • A damaged passport microchip that is no longer machine-readable.
  • A torn or damaged machine-readable zone (MRZ).
  • One or more pages have been torn out or missing.
  • Passport cover no longer attached to the booklet.
  • The booklet is unstitched, severely damaged by water, or with visa stamps that have bled out.
  • Passport picture is tampered or no longer clear/visible.



Damaged Philippine Passport Replacement.

To replace your damaged or mutilated Philippine passport, you need the following requirements:

a. Personal appearance at DFA. Again, this is considered as a NEW application so an online appointment is required.

b. Duly accomplished passport application form.

c. Notarized Affidavit of Explanation detailing the circumstances (when, where, and how) that led to your passport getting damaged or mutilated.

d. Original and photocopy of the first and last pages of mutilated/damaged passport.

e. A penalty fee of Php 350.

f. In case the details on your passport are no longer recognizable due to damage, bring your birth certificate.

After submitting the requirements, a mandatory 15-day clearing period shall be imposed. During this time, your application will go through verification. Once your passport records have been traced, a copy will then be attached to the new application.

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