How To Call GCash Hotline and Customer Service

Did your GCash transaction go awry? Do you have any GCash-related inquiries? Do you have any concerns that need technical assistance? 

You may call the GCash Hotline to help you.

If you are a non-Globe subscriber, you can still reach GCash without using the GCash Hotline by submitting a ticket to their Help Center.

Read on to find out how to reach GCash using these channels.

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What Is the Gcash Hotline?

The GCash Customer Care Hotline is 28822. This hotline allows you to talk with a GCash customer service representative. Calling this GCash hotline is free for Globe subscribers.


When Can I Call the GCash Hotline?

You can call the GCash Hotline every day (from Monday to Sunday), anytime between 9 AM to 6 PM3.


What Is the GCash Hotline for Non-Globe Subscribers?

If you use a Smart or any non-Globe SIM card, call the GCash Hotline (02) 7739-2882 via a landline. You may also use this GCash Hotline if you are a PLDT subscriber. Rates and charges may apply.


What Is the GCash Hotline for Those Who Are Based Abroad?

As of this writing, there’s no GCash Hotline dedicated to those based abroad. However, you may submit a ticket via GCash App or your internet browser to raise your GCash-related concerns to GCash Support. Continue reading this article to learn how to submit a ticket to GCash Support.


Other Ways To Reach GCash

Aside from calling the Gcash Hotline, there are other ways to ask for support and assistance from GCash.

How to Submit a Ticket via GCash App

By submitting a ticket to GCash, your GCash-related concern will be raised to the GCash Help Center.

Here are the steps to submit a ticket via GCash App:

1. Open your GCash App

2. Log in to your account by providing your 4-digit MPIN

3. Tap the Profile Icon at the bottom right part of the Home screen

gcash hotline 1

4. On the menu, select “Help”

gcash hotline 2

5. Select “Submit a Ticket”

gcash hotline 3

Once you select this option, you will be redirected to the Help Center.

6. Fill out the form with the necessary information

gcash hotline 4

Input your email address, GCash-registered name, and mobile number. 

Afterward, select the category of your concern. For example, if you have problems sending money using Gcash, select the category “Send Money.”

gcash hotline 5

After selecting the category, select the specific concern you want addressed. For example, if your recipient cannot receive the money you have sent, select “The recipient did not receive the money I sent.”

gcash hotline 6

Include the details of your GCash transaction in the space provided. For instance, if your recipient cannot receive the money you have sent, you may type the time, transaction code, and other details related to that transaction.

You may also send screenshots or documents as supporting evidence by clicking the Add file or drop files here button.

gcash hotline 7

7. Tap the “Submit” button

gcash hotline 8

You will receive a confirmation via email from GCash Help Center regarding the submission of your ticket. 

Once your request has been updated, you will receive another email from the Gcash Help Center about the status of your concern. You may also reply to that email if you have any further concerns.


How To Submit a Ticket via Your Internet Browser

Here are the steps to submit a ticket using your internet browser:

1. Visit the GCash Help Center page

gcash hotline 9

2. On the lower part of the page, click “Submit a new ticket”

gcash hotline 10

3. Fill out the form with the necessary information

gcash hotline 11

4. Click “Submit”

gcash hotline 12

Once you have submitted the ticket, you will receive an email from the GCash Help Center to confirm the submission. Wait for the response of the GCash Help Center regarding the status of your concern.

Update: As of 2023, the Submit a new ticket button is no longer available. It has been replaced by a chat feature that allows you to chat with Gigi, a virtual assistant bot that can quickly answer your questions. If Gigi cannot answer your question or your issue requires further investigation, a ticket will automatically be created for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I reach GCash Support using Messenger, Facebook, or other social media sites?

Currently, GCash has no available support channels on Messenger, Facebook, or other social media sites4. Thus, the only possible way to reach GCash is through the GCash Hotline or by submitting a ticket.

Update: As of 2023, Gigi, Globe Telecom’s virtual assistant bot/chatbot, can assist you with Globe-related concerns via Facebook Messenger. However, if you try to report GCash problems via this platform, Gigi will only redirect you to the official GCash Help Center. For this reason, we recommend going directly to the GCash Help Center, where another chatbot offers a quicker, more targeted solution to your GCash concerns.

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