45 thoughts on “How to Use GCash in the Philippines: An Ultimate Guide

    1. Yes. On your GCash app, click “Send Money” and then choose “Send to Bank.” Select BDO and go from there.

  1. Good day po gcash sent me txt that I was already a fully verified user and na update ko n rin po profile ko sa gcash problem is sa icon na may check semi verified lang ung nkalagay I try to fully verified but Hindi nmn mpindot ung sign ng fully verified every time nmn na I verify my email sa spam lumalabas … semi verified po b or fully verified n ako? Help!

    1. If I remember it correctly, it may take a few hours for the app to be updated after you get fully verified. You might want to call GCash hotline to verify.

    1. Hello can you still send money or pera padala even if the recipient doesn’t have GCash Account or GCash Card?

  2. Pwede ba akong makapagwithraw ng money thru E-PAYMENT yung machine sa 7-11 Using my GCASH APP?

    1. Pwede bang e allow ng Gcash App ang Voter’s Certification para ma fully verified. Kasi hindi lahat ng voter’s ID na rerelease ng maaga. Ang tagal ng proseso ng gobyerno sa pag release ng Voter’s ID. Kaya voter’s certification lang gamit ko.

  3. This site the scammer use this, on September 5 2019 at 10:29:07 i send money 3,812 in palawan gcash cash in …for the delivery charge she said..the number of scammer is 09457601458..I wish you help me..and I wish no more like get scam…they use ur app to get scam people..I hope u help me..I only borrowed the money in my cousin..I am arnie to are cousin of girl that they scam..how we get money back pls help as..

  4. Hi po. Namali po ako ng transfer ng pera sa wrong number. Please, marerefund po ba sya? 3k po siya. 🙁

  5. Hi I would like if ever my gcash account already reach the 100k limit, can I still able to receive cash from other users?

  6. I cannot transfer load to different number.. there’s always a pop up notification “oops,pin is empty” what could be the problem??

  7. Hi,

    Im a grab driver, why it takes 24 – 36 hours before i can withdraw the transferred amount from my grab cash wallet? Are there any possible ways to make an express withdrawal or is there a specific time to transfer momey from grab wallet to gcash?


  8. Hi im just wondering about the cash limit. Does the 100k limit includes cash in cash out pay bills buying etc? So if you cash in 50k and spend ₱50k on bills load and atm withdrawal, you can use gcash until next month? I really cant understand that part

    1. Actually, you’re correct. The Php 40,000 daily wallet limit and the Php 100,000 monthly limit cover ALL Gcash transactions, not just cash-in. Using your example, if you’ve already cashed in Php 50,000 and then used another Php 50,000 in other GCash transactions, your account will temporarily be disabled because you’ve used up your monthly wallet limit. You have to wait until the first day of the following month to enjoy all the GCash features again.

      1. First time q po gamitin atm. same PIN lang po ba ung sa app at sa ATM WITHDRAWAL?

      2. I want to use my GCash account in my online business but the monthly limit is too small for my needs. How can I raise my daily and monthly limits?

      3. If you own a physical store, you can apply for GCash for Merchants. Otherwise, you can just get by using your existing account or you can open up to 2 additional GCash accounts and switch to either one of them once your current account reaches its monthly wallet limit.

  9. So how do I verify my Gcash Account using the Police ID/Clearance? Wala kasing option na Police ID sa Gcash App.

  10. I just recently registered to GCash and I was fully verified..now someone wants to send me money using Gcash service, but I need to have the Gcash account number. So where should I find what my Gcash account number is?

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  12. Please spoon feed us how use to gcash mastercard on any Bancnet or Mastercard ATM? what PIN need input for the ATM Machine to process my request?

  13. I have newly installed my gcash and had it approved semi verified. I was trying to linked it with my pay pal account but it won’t and what I receive was to have my gcash be fully verified. What seems to be the problem? Thanks in advance for your responses. More power.

  14. a pleasant day to you….is it possible to have a transaction slip for all the payments I have made for the past three months… I want to secure a transaction slip if ever… thanks

    1. @Maria Corazon Obonan

      Yes, that’s possible.

      Upon logging in to your GCash app, you’ll see a section that says “Transaction History” right away. Click this and you’ll see the complete list of your past transactions with GCash.

      Next, click the email icon on the upper right corner of the screen. Specify the number of days you want to include on your “transaction slip” (you may a specify the number of days or choose from available options like “Last 7 days,” “Last 30 days,” or “Last 60 days”).

      Provide the email address where you want this transaction slip to be sent. Click confirm.

      Once sent to your email, you can now print the copy of your transaction slip from GCash.

      Hope it helps.

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