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How To Get Postal ID in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

How To Get Postal ID in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

The postal ID used to be very quick and easy to obtain. All you need is a community tax certificate, ID picture, and payment of a small fee and you would get the postal ID on the same day.

But everything changed when PHLPost gave it a complete makeover. It transformed from a simple paper-based ID to a wallet-sized PVC plastic card boasting multi-level security features.

As a result, the improved postal ID is not only more expensive, but it may also take as long as a month before it can be delivered to you. Fortunately, due to recent changes, these are going to be things of the past as PHLPost is now shifting to semi-automated transactions which also affect Postal ID applications.

In this definitive guide, we’ll discuss how to get a postal ID and explore whether having this new, improved version is worth your time and money.

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What Is a Postal ID?

The postal ID was originally issued by the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) to ensure that the letters and parcels are delivered to the right persons.

It allows the postal carrier/mailman to verify your identity and address before he can hand the delivery item/s to you.

The Universal Postal Union provides a similar definition: “A postal ID card is the most widely accepted means of identification in postal transactions worldwide.”

Today, its use is no longer limited to postal transactions. You can present it as a valid ID whenever opening a bank account or applying for other government-issued identification cards.

PHLPost has also announced that it is releasing an updated version of the postal card that is integrated with an EMV chip which means that it can now be used for some financial transactions.

What sets postal ID apart from other government IDs is anyone can apply for it. You don’t need to travel abroad, pass a licensure exam, or learn driving skills before obtaining a postal ID.

But while the application process is now easier and more seamless than ever, it’s one of the valid IDs that you won’t get instantly (more on this later).

New “High-Tech” Postal Card: Everything You Need To Know

how to get postal id 1
Photo Credit: PhilPost

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) launched in May 2022 its new “high-technology” postal card that can be used not only for identification purposes but also for financial transactions such as cash withdrawal from ATMs, international and domestic money remittances1, and payment of government bills.

This upgraded version of the Postal ID is integrated with a Europay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) chip connected to Bancnet. It means that the new postal card now works just like your ordinary ATM card2

In addition to the EMV chip, the upgraded postal card also has the following physical features:

  • The name “Philippine Postal Corporation” printed using gold ink
  • An Invisible fluorescent ink stating “Hatid Malasakit”
  • A “ghost” image of the Postal ID owner
  • An encrypted QR code
  • Gold Mag stripe at the back of the card

These features distinguish the high-tech Postal Card from the current improved Postal ID.

To get the new “high-tech” Postal ID, you must apply online and set an appointment with PhilPost. Continue reading this article for our comprehensive guide on how to get one. 

How To Get the New Postal Card Online

In hopes of making the application for a Postal Card easier and more convenient, the registration process was digitized by PhilPost in May 2022. Getting a Postal Card is just like getting a passport nowadays; you set an appointment online and then proceed to your selected appointment venue.

Follow these steps to get the new “high-tech” Postal Card:

Part I: Securing an Online Appointment

1. Visit the Postal ID online registration portal

how to get postal id 2

2. Under “Register Now”, enter the required information in the fields provided

how to get postal id 3

After filling out the registration form and clicking the REGISTER button, you’ll receive a notification via email to activate your account. Select CLICK TO VERIFY to proceed.

how to get postal id 4

3. Continue with your registration by supplying the required personal information

how to get postal id 5

Enter the following information in the fields provided:

  • Complete name (Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Suffix)
  • Nickname and other name (“AKA”)
  • Gender and civil status
  • Date and place of birth
  • Religious affiliation
  • Optional: Valid IDs and their respective numbers (any of the following): Philippine National ID (PhilID), Passport, PhilHealth ID, Driver’s License, or Pag-IBIG ID
  • Optional: TIN ID and SSS/GSIS/UMID number
  • Mobile/Telephone number
  • Weight, height, complexion, and natural eye and hair color
  • Optional: Distinguishing facial features
  • Highest educational attainment
  • Permanent and present address
  • Emergency contact

4. Complete your Family Profile

how to get postal id 6

Enter the following information in the fields provided:

  • Mother’s maiden name, birth date, and birthplace
  • Father’s name, birth date, and birthplace
  • Personal details of dependents (if applicable)

5. Accomplish the Financial Info portion

how to get postal id 7

Provide the following information:

  • Income source
  • Nature of work and employment status (if applicable)

6. Select whether you are applying for the Main Applicant (i.e., you), Mother’s Maiden Card, or Father’s Card

how to get postal id 8

7. Upload scanned images of your valid IDs as proof of identity and proof of address

how to get postal id 9

As of this writing, the online portal only accepts the following as proof of identity:

Primary (only one is required)

  • Birth certificate
  • Philippine National ID (PhilID) 
  • GSIS/SSS/UMID card
  • Driver’s License
  • Passport

Secondary (two are required)

  • Alumni ID
  • Company ID
  • IBP ID
  • NBI/Police Clearance
  • PhilHealth ID
  • PRC ID
  • Seaman’s book
  • TIN Card
  • Voter’s ID or certification

On the other hand, the following are accepted as proof of address:

  • Bank Statement
  • Barangay ID or residence certificate
  • Certificate of Title
  • Electric, Water, and other utility bills
  • Credit Card Statement
  • Homeowner’s ID
  • Notarized Lease/Contract certificate
  • School Billing statement with address
  • Real Property Tax Receipt/Certificate

8. Select your appointment date and venue

This is for the taking of your biometrics data and payment of the required fees. You will receive a confirmation QR via email after the selection.

9. Review and confirm application details

Once all your details are good to go, click Next to proceed to payment.

10. Pay the postal card fee either over the counter at any post office nationwide or through other payment channels

Part II: Completing the Application Process at Your Chosen Appointment Venue

1. Proceed to the selected venue on your appointment date

Present your confirmation QR which was sent to you via email

2. Pay the Postal Card fee

As of this writing, the postal card costs PHP 504

3. Wait for your Postal Card to be delivered to your indicated address

Once received, you may activate it 24 hours after the delivery. 

What Is the Improved Postal ID?

Although PHLPost is launching the new “high-tech” Postal Card, it still releases its Improved Postal ID.

Unlike the basic postal ID, the improved postal ID is rich in security features, making it extremely hard to counterfeit.

The old postal ID has security features too but they’re too basic and can only work with the use of special equipment.

In the new postal ID, the security features are much more visible even to the naked eye, not to mention the identity of the cardholder can be verified with the use of a smartphone app.

The list below summarizes the main security features of postal ID:

  • The database is stored and all postal IDs are printed at one central location to ensure every card released is genuine.
  • Every applicant’s biometrics are captured at the postal office, including the photo, signature, personal details, and fingerprints. This prevents some individuals from creating fake identities that would have been easier to pull off in the old system.
  • The card comes with a hologram or 3D image of a mailman that can be viewed at certain angles. It also has a ghost image and UV ink that illuminate in UV light.
  • It has an encrypted QR (‘quick response’) code which, when scanned with a Postal ID Verification app, can verify the identity of the cardholder.
  • The applicant’s unique identity is confirmed through the use of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) which compares the fingerprint collected with the fingerprint in the database.

Due to these value-added features, everyone is encouraged to apply for the improved postal ID.

Who Can Apply for the Improved Postal ID?

If you’re one of the following people, grab the chance to have your own digitized postal ID:

  • Filipinos of any age living in the Philippines.
  • Filipinos living abroad but were in the Philippines at the time of application.
  • Foreign residents who have been living in the country for at least six months.

What Is the Validity of the Improved Postal ID?

Postal ID has a 3-year validity for all Filipinos and foreign residents with Special Retiree’s Resident Visa (SRRV). For all other foreigners without the said visa, the postal ID expires after one year.

How To Apply for a Postal ID in the Philippines in 4 Easy Steps

To get a postal ID in the Philippines, applicants must complete the following steps:

1. Prepare the postal ID requirements

a. Postal ID Requirements for Filipinos

i. Personal appearance

Because of the need to capture your photo and biometrics, you need to be physically present at the post office when applying for the new postal ID.

ii. Two copies of duly-accomplished postal ID card online application form

The application form is available at all post offices. You can also download it here.

iii. Proof of identity (original and photocopy)

Submit any one of the following:

If you have none of the above documents, you may also submit any two of the following documents, with at least one of them bearing your signature and photo:

  • BIR ID
  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Certificate of Birth
  • College or Post-Graduate Transcript of Records with readable dry seal.
  • Confirmation Certificate
  • Elementary or High School Form 137 with a readable dry seal for applicants who are 18 years old and below.
  • Valid Alumni ID
  • Valid Basic/Paper-Based Postal ID
  • Valid School ID
  • Valid Company ID
  • Valid Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP) ID
  • Valid NBI Clearance
  • Valid OWWA ID
  • Valid Pag-IBIG ID
  • Valid Philhealth ID
  • Valid PRC ID
  • Valid Police Clearance
  • Valid Seaman’s Book
  • Valid Senior Citizen ID
  • Valid Tax Identification Number Card
  • Valid Voter’s ID
iv. Proof of address (original and photocopy)

Submit any one of the following:

b. Postal ID requirements for foreign residents

i. Personal appearance

The need to capture your biometrics and photo explains why you need to be physically present at the post office during the application. You can’t apply for a postal ID through the mail or a representative.

ii. Two copies of the duly-accomplished postal ID application form

Application forms are available at all post offices. Alternatively, you can download it here.

iii. Proof of identity
  • Passport with at least 6 months of validity prior to application.
  • Any of the following supporting documents (again, with at least 6-month validity prior to application): (1) Alien Certificate of Registration Identity Card (ACRI-Card); (2) Long Stay Visitor Visa Extension (LSVVE); (3) Temporary Resident Visa (TRV); (4) Diplomatic Visa; or (5) Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).
iv. Proof of address

Submit any one of the following:

  • Barangay Certificate of Residency issued within three months prior to application
  • Certification or statement of account from the hotel, transient home, or any temporary residence within three months prior to application
  • Notarized (if applicable) Land, House, or Condominium Lease Contract
  • Bank statement
  • Credit card statement
  • School billing statement
  • Utility bill (cable, electric, internet, landline, telephone, water)

2. Go to your nearest post office to submit all the requirements and pay the fee

After receiving the requirements, applicants will then be asked to pay the fixed fee for the improved postal ID.

As of this writing, the postal ID fee is Php 504 which covers the cost of printing, delivery, and the 12% value-added tax (VAT).

3. Proceed to the postal ID capture station

The postal ID capture station is where your biometrics (photograph and fingerprints) will be taken and recorded digitally.

This capture station is usually located at the same post office where you submit all the requirements.

There are 260 postal ID capture stations located at selected malls and different post offices throughout the country.

Please refer to the following links for complete addresses of all postal ID capture stations in the Philippines:

List of postal ID capture stations in malls

List of postal ID capture stations in Metro Manila

List of postal ID capture stations in Philippine provinces

In addition to these capture stations, you may also apply for a postal ID at any mobile capturing center in select locations.

This is part of PhilPost’s project called Postal ID Mobile Capturing Service which aims to issue postal IDs to people who don’t have the time to visit the post office.

If you want to know the places where this mobile capturing center is scheduled to visit, check out the new Postal ID official Facebook page or make a request to PhilPost to have them visit your government agency, office, or locality.

4. Wait for your new postal ID to be delivered to your mailing address

If you applied at any post office within Metro Manila, expect to receive the improved postal ID approximately 10 to 15 working days from the application date.

For major cities and municipalities outside Metro Manila, the waiting time is approximately 20 working days.

Lastly, if the application is done at post offices in island provinces and remote barangays, the postal ID is usually delivered after 4 to 5 weeks or 30 working days.

UPDATE: You Can Now Get a Postal ID in 1 Day Through Rush Processing

Starting May 25, 20223, rush applications for the Improved Postal ID are available again in all branches.

For a higher fee of Php 650 (versus the Php 504 for regular processing), you can now obtain a postal ID the next day after you applied for it. Rush processing is available from Monday to Friday. The photo below shows all the places that process Postal ID rush applications along with their respective application and releasing schedules:

postal id rush processing
Source: www.postalidph.com

Tips and Warnings

Under the Postal ID Privilege Program, you can avail of discounts, product upgrades, freebies, and other exclusive deals or promos at any merchant partner in the country.

Simply present your new and improved postal ID when buying, dining, or shopping at the following commercial establishments:

Food and Beverage

  • Allegra’s Kitchen
  • American Legacy Restaurant
  • ARNY-DADING Peachy Peachy
  • BigBoss
  • Brand X Burgers
  • ByPass Burger
  • Cafe De Apati
  • Cafe Harry Naga
  • Chateau de Busay Inn & Restaurant
  • Chixboy Grill
  • Corner Route Restobar
  • Crepeman Cafe
  • Dampa sa Paseo
  • J. Tea Cafe
  • La Tango Pizza (Style Pizza)
  • Manang’s Chicken
  • Mrs. Fields
  • New Asia Restaurant
  • Noy Maki-Siomai
  • Off The Grill
  • Pits Burger
  • Pompey’s Resto Grill
  • Raha Grill & Resto
  • Relics Cafe
  • RB City
  • Samuel’s Plate
  • Sangkalan Grill and Restaurant
  • Shake and Brew Cafe
  • Tahong Island
  • Woodstone Kitchen & Bar
  • Ying Ying Tea House

Beauty, Health, and Wellness

  • Acebedo Optical
  • Ariana’s House of Beauty, Fashion and Wellness
  • Dermaholic
  • Dr. James Dental Clinic
  • Eider Cut Salon
  • Elements Salon
  • Head2Toe House of Spa
  • Holiday Spa
  • Junca Salon
  • Levana Dermatology Clinic
  • Magic 7 Beauty & Wellness, Inc. (Fresh Salon, Fresh Touch Spa, Derm Magic)
  • Mahiwagang Haplos Body Massage and Spa
  • Nail Kitchen (Nail Spa + Cafe)
  • Nico Salon for Men & Women
  • Oriental Touch Shiatsu Center
  • Paradasia Royale Spa
  • Rose Serenity Body Massage
  • Russel Tan’s Evolution Salon and Day Spa
  • Skinfinity Skin and Body Spa
  •  St. Lukes Diagnostic Center
  • Tashyo Cuts & Spa

Home and Living

  • Automatic Centre

Travel and Leisure

  • Chateau By The Sea
  • Club Morocco Beach Resort & Country Club
  • Continental Travel and Tours
  • Hotel Sogo
  • La Breza Hotel
  • La Mirada Hotel
  • Let’s Go Travel Services
  • Naga Pilgrims Hotel
  • Residencia Boracay
  •  Soto Grande Hotel & Resort
  • Splendido Hotel
  • Stradella Hotel
  • Urban Escape Travel & Tours
  • Via Ticketing Services
  • Vistamar Beach Resort & Country Club
  • Zamboanga Town Home (Bed & Breakfast)

Fitness and Recreation

  • Ark Avilon
  • Avilon Wildlife Conservation Foundation
  • AX Fitness
  • Enchanted Kingdom
  • Laresio Lakeside Resort & Spa
  • Splash Island
  • Trampoline Park


  • Flying V
  • Metro Gas


  • Amesco Drug Corporation


  • Shabby Chic Shoppe


  • Art Republic Print Technology (Computer Services & Souvenirs)
  • Echomusic Center for Talent & Skills Development
  • Great Image
  • Papel at Pluma
  • SMS Tyre Depot

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the postal ID for my passport application?

2. I still have my old (valid) postal ID. What should I do with it?

3. I want to renew/replace my postal ID. What should I do?

4. My postal ID has been lost/stolen. What should I do?


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