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260 thoughts on “PRC Initial Registration 2023: Ultimate Guide for New Board Exam Passers

  1. Hi, I’m done with the oath taking and trying to do initial registration to get my PRC License ID. However, when I entered my NOA it says Oath taking attendance is a must. What should I do about this?

  2. It’s more than 25 years since I took the board for Nutrition/Dietitan and did not register. Can I still register today. I do not have the NOA number. What should I do?

  3. Helping out a friend who passed his board exam in 2002. He was employed immediately and never got to securing his license and registering. What are the steps to take if you pass the board exam 10 yrs ago but have not registered for it?

  4. Can i claim my COR in Manila branch even if i had my oath taking in Cebu? I wasn’t able to claim my COR after oathtaking. Hoping for your kind response.

  5. I am a BSN graduate in 2007, however, I only applied for license in 2016. I passed the board and attended the oathtaking in 2007. I only have license but not the certificate of registration. How can I obtain this? It is not available at LERIS website. TIA

  6. What If I have not claimed my Certificate of Registration last time, should I still process it in the same branch where I initially registered? And upon checking the prc website, there says a need to the notice of admission num, which I already forgot. 🙁

  7. hello, I’ve attended the e-oath here in UAE, regarding claiming prc ID, can it be claimed by a prc holder representative that is not part of my immediate family? Claiming it by using SPA is really hassle and expensive.

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