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213 thoughts on “How to Register and Get PRC ID After Passing the Licensure Exam

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  2. hello po, hindi po ako naka attend ng oath taking dahil naka bed rest ako ng 1week,
    nakapag initial registration na po ulit ako for march 16, 2020 sa PICC, sa PRC-morayta na po ba ako pupunta? & anu-ano po mga requirements na dapat kong dalhin?
    NOA, CEDULA, birth& marriage contract, OATH FORM(need po ba nakanotarized na?), proof po na nakabedrest talaga ako?

    1. Those things you mentioned should be enough. And yes, it should be notarized (i.e., the oath form). For more information, check out this page:

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  4. Hello- my wife wasnt able to attend her oath taking for teachers due to her sensitive illness—- she was trying to get her license After more than a month now but the staff said they will Have her take a special oath taking— and then they changed it to process a special request from the head of the education department for recommendation —-prolonging the waiting time— what’s that supposed to mean? When i missed my oath taking due to work i didnt have to go through something as frustrating as this…

  5. Hello po, I passed the Agriculturist Licensure Exam last Nov. 5,6,7 2019 but I failed to attend the mass oathtaking in PICC last Dec. 21, 2019. I already done for initial registration in PRC Butuan and done submitting my request form for Special/individual oathtaking, and they said na mag hintay daw for 2 to 3 months bagu ma approbahan. But sad to say po pupunta na ako ng Bulacan this 1week ng march 2020 to find a job. Pwede po ba ako maki join ng Mass Oathtaking for new passer this 2020 or pwede po bang mag request ng special oathtaking sa ibang PRC branch.

    Salamat po ng marami.

  6. good day!.how many months po ba bago mka schedule ulit sa oath taking?? Pumunta na po ako sa prc para magpa sched ulit para oath taking but until now wala parin sabi ng tga prc tawagan lang ako pero until now wala paring tawag..

    1. Are you referring to a mass oath-taking? You can schedule a special/individual oath-taking instead. Either way, keep calling PRC to follow-up on your request.

  7. Hi, Registered Criminologist po ako, passer ng CLE November / December 2019.. Oathtaking nmin bukas 6-9pm.. Possible ba na makuha pa nmin ID nmin???

  8. hindi po ako naka attend nag oath, pero pumunta na ako sa PRC legazpi and nakapag pasa na po ako ng letter for the reason of why I did’nt attend for the oath, ngayon ang tanong ko bakit kaya dipa ako binigyan or pinabayad for the ticket para sa oath, bakit kaya? at ang sabi lng sakin ok na daw po yun icocontact na lng. pero hanggang ngayon hindi pa ako kinocontact. 🙁

    1. Are you referring to mass oath-taking or individual oath-taking since you weren’t able to attend the former? Keep following up with the PRC.

  9. Hello. I wasnt able to get my PRC license last August 2019. Is it possible to get an appointment online? Kasi pag nagwalk in po sa PRC PICC hindi din po agad makakapag oath the same day. Magiging conflict po sa work schedule ko. Hoping for the response. Thank you.

  10. hello, pano po pag di ako naka attend ng oath taking, tapos di rin ako nakapunta 5 days after ng OT? Is there any possible ways to still get my license.?

    1. You have to go to the PRC Office where you’re supposed to register, bring all the required documents, and request for a special or individual oath-taking. You have to be prepared to explain why you missed the oath-taking ceremony.

  11. Hi,

    I am hoping you can help me. What will happen if I fail to take the oath taking, and I was unable to go to the PRC within 5 working days after the Oath taking mass?

    I hope you can help me.

    1. You can still give it a shot and head to the PRC Office where you’re supposed to register, bring all the required documents, and request for a special or individual oath-taking. You have to be prepared to explain why you missed the oath-taking ceremony.

  12. Clarification: Sabi po passport sized pero contradicting sa 2×2 in size. Aling size po ba?

    Two passport size pictures. Take note that this is different from the photos you previously submitted during the exam application. The pictures must be 2 x 2 in size, colored, in plain white background, with your full name tag, taken no more than 6 months prior to uploading, and showing you wearing decent attire with a collar.

    1. Thank you for pointing this out. The required size of the photos is 2×2, not passport-sized.

  13. Good day! I passed the March, 2019 LET but I still haven’t claimed my license due to financial problems. What are the step-by-step procedures that I should take? Thank you so much.

    1. You can follow this step-by-step guide:

      1. What are the documents i need to bring for the schedule of renewal of MY BROTHER’s PRC license? He’s an OFW.

      2. For PRC license renewal, please read this guide:

  14. Hi is it possible to attend the mass oathtaking without paying for initial registration yet? My scheduled date for intial registration is still couple of day after the oath taking.

    1. No, you have to finish the initial registration first so you can get your Oath Form and sign on the Registry Sheet.

      1. Hello po. Regarding for the oath taking but did not have yet the initial reg kasi after pa sa oath taking yung sched, I think it’s fine. My friend’s sched was Feb 5 and Oath Taking date is Feb 1 (Cebu). You can go to the event as long as you have an appointment already. Much better if before kasi may tatak yung claim slip sa PRC ID na “To Attend Oath Taking”.

        Regarding the COR, bibigyan pa pala yun? After the Oath taking, I did receive my PRC ID immediately but no COR. Does that mean, I have to go PRC to get the COR?

  15. Good day katatapos ko lang po mag oath I didn’t get the chance po para kunin ung id and certificate. Need pa po bang magregister online bago pumunta sa main branch ng prc para kunin ung lisensya or walk in na lang. Thanks.

    1. No, you don’t have to set another appointment online. You can just walk-in and get your PRC ID on another day.

      1. Hi! I have the same case with this one. Nag-initial registration po ako sa PRC-PICC but nung pumunta ako dun to claim my license, ang sabi hindi daw dun kukunin. Sa PRC-Morayta daw po. I’m confused kasi ang sabi is kung saan ka nag-initial registration doon mo din pwede kunin yung license mo. Nagtatanong na din ako sa kanila via chat kasi hindi talaga ako sure kung sa Morayta branch ko ba talaga makukuha, sayang pamasahe but wala pa silang response. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

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