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How To Renew PRC License 2024 Online Without CPD Units

How To Renew PRC License 2024 Online Without CPD Units

The process of PRC license renewal used to be complicated and time-consuming.

Thankfully, since 20189, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has fully implemented the Online Renewal System (ORS) for all its regional and satellite offices, including the service centers for OFWs.

This means that all professionals who want to renew their licenses must secure an appointment with the PRC and pay the renewal fee online.

In this guide, you’ll learn all the essential information and helpful tips to help you renew your PRC license without unnecessary hassles.

Applying for the board exam? Read this guide instead. Did you pass the board exam? Here’s everything you need to know about initial registration and PRC ID/license application.


Table of Contents


What Is a PRC License?

The Professional Regulation Commission issues a PRC license in the form of a PRC ID to every passer of a board examination. It gives the license holder permission to practice his/her profession in the country. Some professionals licensed under the PRC are dentists, engineers, guidance counselors, medical technologists, nurses, policemen, and teachers. 


Does PRC License Expire?

Yes. The PRC license is valid for three years. It expires on the month and day of the PRC license holder’s birth date. Let’s say your birthday is on June 14, and your license was issued in 2020. The same license will remain valid until June 14, 2023. You can renew the license after it expires or as early as a year before its expiration date.


Who Should Renew Their PRC License?

Every professional licensed under PRC should renew his/her license before it expires. As long as you meet the requirements, which vary according to the profession, you can successfully renew your PRC ID and continue practicing your profession in the country.

The Professional Regulation Commission, or PRC, now offers online services, making it easier for professionals to process different transactions. PRC’s online system can be accessed 24 hours daily, seven days a week.

The renewal process of PRC licenses now involves two stages: online application and personal appearance to claim the renewed ID at the PRC office. 

These are the professions that can renew their licenses online:

  1. Aeronautical Engineer
  2. Agricultural and Biosystems Engineer
  3. Agriculturist
  4. Architect
  5. Certified Mine Foreman
  6. Certified Plant Mechanic
  7. Certified Public Accountant
  8. Certified Quarry Foreman
  9. Chemical Engineer
  10. Chemical Technician
  11. Chemist
  12. Civil Engineer
  13. Criminologist
  14. Customs Broker
  15. Dental Hygienist
  16. Dental Technologist
  17. Dentist
  18. Electronics Engineer
  19. Electronics Technician
  20. Environmental Planner
  21. Fisheries Technologist
  22. Foreign Medical Professional
  23. Forester
  24. Geodetic Engineer
  25. Geologic Aide
  26. Geologist
  27. Guidance Counselor
  28. Interior Designer
  29. Landscape Architect
  30. Librarian
  31. Master Plumber
  32. Mechanical Engineer
  33. Medical Laboratory Technician
  34. Medical Technologist
  35. Metallurgical Engineer
  36. Metallurgical Plant Foreman
  37. Midwife
  38. Mining Engineer
  39. Naval Architect and Marine Engineer
  40. Nurse
  41. Nutritionist/Dietitian
  42. Occupational Therapist and Occupational Therapist Technician
  43. Ocular Pharmacologist
  44. Optometrist
  45. Pharmacist
  46. Physical Therapist
  47. Physician (Medical Doctor)
  48. Professional Electrical Engineer
  49. Professional Electronics Engineer
  50. Professional Mechanical Engineer
  51. Professional Teacher
  52. Psychologist
  53. Psychometrician
  54. Radiologic Technologist
  55. Real Estate Appraiser
  56. Real Estate Broker
  57. Real Estate Consultant
  58. Registered Electrical Engineer
  59. Registered Master Electrician
  60. Respiratory Therapist
  61. Sanitary Engineer
  62. Social Worker
  63. Veterinarian
  64. X-Ray Technologist

Aside from license renewal, the following transactions can be processed online through PRC’s online service system: license verification of registered professionals, replacement of lost PRC card, exam application, verification of rating of successful passers, and initial registration of new board exam passers.


PRC Renewal Requirements In 2022

Although the set of requirements needed to renew a PRC ID varies per profession, the following are the usual required documents:

  • Duly-accomplished Application for Professional Identification Card (PIC).
  • One recent digitized 2×2 picture of the applicant wearing formal attire with a collar and showing a white background
  • Payment of renewal fee
  • Earned CPD units

Those who will renew their PRC licenses and fall under one of the professions listed below will be required to submit an updated Certificate of Good Standing from their respective Accredited Professional Organization (APO):

  • Aeronautical Engineers
  • Agricultural and Biosystems Engineers
  • Agriculturist
  • Architects
  • Customs Brokers
  • Registered Electrical Engineer / Professional Electrical Engineer / Registered Master Electrician
  • Professional Electronics Engineers / Electronics Engineers / Electronics Technician
  • Geodetic Engineers
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Environmental Planner
  • Interior Designers
  • Landscape Architects
  • Librarian
  • Psychologist / Psychometrician
  • Real Estate Services
  • Respiratory Therapist

Warning: The list above may change without further notice, so please verify with the PRC if your profession is among those that are required to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing BEFORE securing an appointment for PRC license renewal.

If you’re a dual citizen, you need to present the following additional documents:

  • Current and valid Philippine Passport or
  • Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines or
  • Identification Certificate where the applicant is recognized as a Filipino citizen

Is It Okay To Renew PRC License Without CPD Units?

Yes, you can renew your PRC license even without (or with incomplete) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units.

PRC is extending the Acceptance of CPD Undertaking for the Renewal of Professional Identification Card until December 31, 2024.
To address the concerns raised by professionals who have difficulty with the required Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credit units, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) informs the public that the acceptance of CPD undertaking for the renewal of Professional Identification Card is extended until December 31, 2024.

Concerned professionals with previous renewal transactions but with withheld Professional Identification Card (PIC) issuance are advised to proceed to their original place of appointment for the execution of the required CPD Undertaking Form and release of their respective PICs.

For queries and concerns, please email CPD Division at [email protected].

Retrieved from https://www.prc.gov.ph/article/extending-acceptance-cpd-undertaking-renewal-professional-identification-card-until-0

In case you’re wondering, the CPD, or Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016, basically requires all professionals to earn a specific number of units (which varies according to your profession) before they’re allowed to renew their licenses. These CPD units can be earned by attending development programs like online courses, seminars, and graduate studies.

Extending the Acceptance of CPD Undertaking for the Renewal of PIC until Dec 31 2024 How To Renew PRC License 2024 Online Without CPD Units

PRC has suggested the following ways professionals can still earn CPD credit units:

  • Informal learning. This covers learning activities at home that can still contribute to a qualification. Examples are reading books and journals to learn leadership, management, and other skills; Learning VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) and instant messaging through cloud-based video conferencing tools to meet with co-workers; etc.
  • Professional work experience. This refers to activities at your workplace (or at home) related to your profession, like learning how to design modules for online teaching; reading books and other printed sources of information to improve your professional knowledge and skills; providing consultancy services to clients; etc.
  • Self-directed learning. This includes all activities you took the initiative to learn through “volunteer engagement” or “professional activity.” The learning may be acquired through online training, seminar, and sponsored training programs that, although they didn’t have CPD accreditation, may still be awarded CPD units by the authorized CPD Council.

Earning CPD units through self-directed learning was exemplified by the granting of up to 45 CPD credit units10 to all professionals who rendered essential services during the pandemic.

Through the PRC Resolution No. 1239, Series of 2020, PRC has granted a maximum of 45 CPD units to qualified professionals with active participation during the pandemic like health and emergency front liners in government health facilities, private health workers, Philippine Red Cross volunteers, researchers and scientists who developed the COVID-19 test kits, and many more.

As for the other professionals not covered by this resolution, you may renew your PRC license even with incomplete CPD units.

However, you don’t need to submit a separate Affidavit of Undertaking to prove that you’ll comply with the CPD requirements come January 2023. All you have to do is complete the online renewal application form, which already has an “Undertaking” section provided specifically for this purpose.

prc license renewal 11

It must be noted that the following professionals are NOT required to comply with the CPD units requirement:

  • Professionals working overseas (OFWs). They can renew their licenses anytime without the need to earn the CPD units that Philippine-based professionals only require.
  • Newly-licensed professionals. For newly-licensed professionals, the requirements will only apply to them on their second renewal cycle.

Under the New Guidelines, How Many CPD Units Are Required for the PRC License Renewal?

In the old resolution, the minimum CPD requirement is 45 units. However, after December 2022, the required CPD credit units shall be reduced to a minimum of 15 units (to be earned every three years).

There are exceptions to these relaxed provisions, though. These are:

  1. Professions that are required to earn a SPECIFIC number of CPD credit units for license renewal by their respective Professional Regulatory Laws. For example, social workers and real estate brokers must acquire 45 CPD units before license renewal by specific laws governing their professions (Section 26 of RA 10847 for social workers and RA 9646 or the Real Estate Service Act for real estate brokers/real estate professionals).
  2. Professionals who intend to practice their professions in countries covered by bilateral, regional, or international agreements like the ASEAN Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs). For example, although 15 is the minimum number of CPD units required for Philippine-based Certified Public Accountants (CPA), this will increase to 120 if they apply for BOA accreditation to be recognized as a professional accountant abroad. This is the current CPD unit requirement of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). Because the Philippines is a member of this organization, all accountants who want to be recognized as a professional outside the country must comply with their requirements.

How Much Is the PRC License Renewal Fee?

Renewing your PRC license is not cheap since it will be valid for another three years.

These are the fees that professionals will pay when renewing their licenses:

  • For professions requiring a baccalaureate degree: Php 350 per year or a total of Php 1,050 (for three years)
  • For occupations requiring a non-baccalaureate degree: Php 150 per year or a total of Php 450 (for three years).

How To Renew Your PRC License Online: 10 Steps

Here’s an updated guide to renewing your PRC license online.

1. Check if You Have All the Needed Requirements

how to renew prc license online 1

Requirements vary per profession, so before starting the online renewal application, ensure you have all the requirements to renew your license. One of the most important requirements is your earned CPD units.


2. Go to PRC’s Official Website To Start Your Online Renewal

how to renew prc license online 2

Go to the official website of PRC – LERIS  to start the online renewal application process.

If the website’s down or under maintenance, you can revisit the site at some other time. Alternatively, you may try to access mirror sites in this link and this link


3. Login or Create an Account if You Don’t Have One Yet

how to renew prc license online 3

If you already have an account, go to the Sign In section of the homepage of the PRC – LERIS website. Enter your login details, verify your identity by marking “I’m not a robot,” and click the Sign In button to proceed with the renewal application.

If you have previously created an account with the old PRC website (prc-online.com), you have to create a new one again since your login details will no longer work on PRC’s new website.

For those who don’t have an account yet, go to the Register section of PRC’s home page. Read the terms of service and click the I Agree button to proceed with the account creation.

You need to have the following when creating a new account:

  • A working e-mail address (preferably Gmail)
  • Current phone number
  • ID photo
  • Valid ID
  • Personal info

Once you’re on the Account Creation page, you’ll be asked to provide the following details:

  • First name
  • Middle name
  • Last name
  • Suffix (if applicable, otherwise leave it blank)
  • Gender
  • Civil status
  • Birthdate
  • E-mail address
  • Your desired password (It must be at least six characters and should be composed of letters, numbers, and special characters)

4. Complete Your Profile by Providing All the Required Details

how to renew prc license online 4

After successfully creating an account, sign in using the email address and password you provided during registration. You need to complete your profile before proceeding with the PRC ID renewal.

When creating your profile, you’ll be asked to provide the following additional personal information:

Personal Information

  • Citizenship
  • Birthplace
  • Whether or not you’ve been convicted by final judgment by any court of justice/military tribunal or administrative body

Contact Details

  • Permanent Mailing Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Alternate E-mail Address (optional)

Family Background

  • Father’s full name
  • Father’s citizenship
  • Mother’s full name
  • Mother’s citizenship


  • Name and address of the school you attended
  • Degree/course related to the examination you’re applying for/you’ve applied for
  • Date of graduation


  • Whether or not you’re currently practicing your profession

Valid ID

  • Since you’re for renewal, you must tick the box that says Check if this is for PRC ID Renewal. No need to provide additional details, as your old PRC license is already considered a valid ID. Any information entered in this section will automatically be removed when you mark the checkbox.

Other Information

  • If you’re a Person with a Disability, choose what kind of disability you have (e.g., visual, hearing, speech, etc.)
  • Whether or not you want to receive  news and notifications via email

After filling out the profile creation page, click the Save Information button.


5. Upload Your Photo

how to renew prc license online 5

To upload your photo, click the Camera icon.

Make sure you comply with these photo requirements:

  • The photo should be in the 2 x 2 size.
  • The photo should be on white background.
  • The photo should be taken no more than six months from the upload date.
  • You should be wearing professional attire with a collar.
  • Don’t wear glasses while having your photo taken.
  • The photo should resemble the applicant.
  • The ears should not be covered.
  • The photo shouldn’t have any shadows.

Read and follow all the photo requirements and guidelines.

Click the Proceed button to start uploading your photo. Choose the photo you want to upload from your computer’s files. You have the option to either zoom the photo in or out.

Click the Upload Image button to upload your chosen photo. 


6. Choose RENEWAL As the Transaction Type

how to renew prc license online 6

Click the Select Transaction button on the upper right-hand corner of your profile page.

Choose Renewal (third tab) from the available transaction options.

Select your profession from the drop-down menu provided. Enter your PRC License Number.

Click the Proceed button to continue the transaction.


7. Select Your Preferred PRC Office Where You’ll Claim Your PIC (Professional Identification Card)

how to renew prc license online 7

Choose your preferred PRC Regional Office or Service Center, where you’ll claim your renewed ID. Your appointment date and time will be automatically generated.

Click the Proceed button.

**** If you’ve changed your mind and want to reschedule your appointment, you may do so, but only once. To reschedule your appointment, click “Reschedule?” (see screenshot above), select your new appointment date, and provide your valid reason for the change of schedule.****

****PRC also has a “no same-day appointment” policy, meaning all appointments must be made in advance; you can’t get an appointment with them on the same day you made your online transaction.****


8. Choose Your Preferred Payment Option

how to renew prc license online 8

As of this writing, you have five payment options to choose from:

  • Credit or Debit Card – Powered by PayMaya – VISA, this convenient payment option automatically deducts the total amount of the PRC renewal fee from your account plus a 1.25% convenience fee.
  • PayMaya – If you have a PayMaya wallet, you can quickly pay the PRC renewal fee plus a small convenience fee of Php 8.00.
  • Land Bank – For those with a Land Bank account, you can select this option to pay the fee directly via the Land Bank ePayment portal. Through this portal, you can pay online using your Land Bank account, GCash wallet, or BancNet (for those with accounts with other Bancnet member banks). There’s a convenience fee of Php 10 if you’ll pay using your LBP account, while a higher fee of Php 20 will be charged to those who will pay via GCash or BancNet.
  • UCPB – If you select this, you will be given a reference number on the screen, which you need to take a photo or a screenshot of. Proceed to the nearest UCPB Branch, fill out the bills payment form, present a screenshot or printed copy of the PRC payment reference number, and complete the deposit transaction. A convenience fee of Php 30 will be charged for the transaction. Once payment is made, it will be validated within 2 to 3 working days.
  • PRC-Cashier – Choose this if you prefer over-the-counter payment at PRC Regional Office or Service Center. No convenience fee will be charged for the transaction.

9. Confirm Payment and Print Your Documents

how to renew prc license online 9

Go to your profile page and click the Existing Transaction tab.

Check the payment details and wait for the status to change to Paid.

Once payment is successful, you can now print the document. To print the document, click the Print Document button.

Present the printed documents at your preferred PRC office on your appointment date.


10. Claim Your Professional Identification Card

how to renew prc license online 10

You can claim your renewed PRC ID on your appointment date.

The following documents should be submitted when claiming the renewed PRC ID:

  • Original and photocopy of each certificate with earned CPD units.
  • Original and photocopy of the expiring PRC ID.
  • Printed Online Application for Professional ID Card.

How To Renew PRC License Online and Have It Delivered to Your Home

In response to the ongoing threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the PRC has recently revamped the LERIS website to enable professionals to renew their licenses online and deliver their new PRC IDs to their doorsteps.

This way, they won’t have to personally visit the PRC offices to claim their new licenses, effectively preventing the further spread of the virus.

To learn how to renew your PRC license online and avail of home delivery, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the LERIS website. If you haven’t created an account yet, read the previous guide to learn how to register. Once registered, log in to your account using your email address and password.
  2. Complete your profile by filling out the form with the requested information like your name, address, phone numbers, parents’ details, degree earned, the school where you graduated, and date of graduation, to name a few. Once you’re done, click Save Information.
  3. Upload your photo, ensuring it complies with the requirements in Step 5 of the previous how-to guide. In summary, your picture must be 2×2 in size, in jpg or jpeg format, with plain white background, taken no more than six months before the renewal, and must show the applicant without eyeglasses and wearing decent attire with a collar. However, given the situation, you can still submit your photo, even if it’s older than six months, if you look presentable.
  4. Click Select Transaction on the upper right corner of the page and then choose the “Renewal” tab.
  5. Choose your profession from the drop-down list provided. Input your PRC license number. Double-check the details provided. Once you’re done, click Proceed.
  6. On the next page, select “YES” to answer the question, “Do you want to avail of the shipping service?” Note that the delivery service only applies to professionals who have opted to submit a CPD undertaking.
  7. Provide the shipping details, including the complete home address, contact number, and the contact person’s name. Click Next.
  8. Select your payment option. As of this writing, you can pay the shipping fee via Credit/Debit Card, PayMaya, LandBank, and Bancnet. You’ll also be charged a convenience fee for the transaction, which varies depending on your chosen payment method. For example, if you’ll pay via Credit/Debit Card, the total amount deducted from your account is Php 480, including the convenience fee.
  9. Review the “Declaration and Attestation” and the “Undertaking.” Again, no CPD unit is required for now, but the undertaking assures the PRC that you’ll comply with the CPD unit requirements in the future. Finally, affix your signature by ticking the box beside your complete name. Review all your information to check for any misspellings or incorrect data. Once you’ve made sure everything is correct, click Submit Application.
  10. Pay the shipping fee. The renewal fee is different from the shipping fee. Since you’ve opted to have your new license delivered to your address, you need to pay both. After successfully paying the renewal fee, a pop-up box will appear, prompting you to pay the shipping fee. Click the link provided, and you’ll be redirected to the payment gateway of W Express, the company responsible for shipping your license. Follow the instructions and pay the shipping fee of Php 180.
  11. Wait for your PRC license to arrive. On average, the delivery lead time is around 5-8 working days. As of this writing, the shipping service is only available to professionals in the Philippines.

How To Update Your Name After Getting Married Before Renewing Your PRC License

Female licensed professionals who recently got married and wish to change their marital status and use their husband’s surname by license renewal can walk in at PRC’s main office/Central Office or the nearest Regional Office for this transaction.

Related: How to Change Surname After Marriage in the Philippines

It must be noted that female professionals don’t have to wait for their licenses to expire; they can be changed whenever they want to as long as they already have their marriage certificate from PSA.

The Petition for Change of Registered Name must be filed before you can proceed with license renewal. Once the petition is approved, you can follow the previous section’s steps to renew your PRC license.

Here’s the step-by-step guide to filing a petition for a change of registered name due to changes in marital status:

1. Complete the requirements

Here’s a list of the usual requirements when updating your name due to changes in marital status:

  • Original and photocopy of your PRC license or registration certificate to be authenticated with metered documentary stamps;
  • Duly accomplished Petition for Change of Registered Name Due to Marriage form. Fill out this petition form entirely and accurately. These are some of the details that you’ll be asked to provide: your full name, date of birth, place of birth, month and year when you passed your board exam, name of your husband, date of marriage, and location of marriage;
  • Original marriage certificate/contract (issued by PSA);
  • Official receipt.

2. Have your petition form notarized

On the second floor of PRC’s main building, you’ll find the legal division where you can have your petition form notarized.

3. Pay the required fees

Head to the cashier, where you can pay the required fees.

4. Get your metered documentary stamp

On the ground floor of PRC’s main building, you’ll find the Customer Service section, where you can get the metered documentary stamp. Ensure that the photocopies of the documentary requirements have metered documentary stamps.

5. Submit your petition form.

Go to the Regulations office and submit your filled out and notarized petition form, together with all the other required documents like your marriage certificate issued by PSA. Make sure to get your official receipt and claim stub.

6. Claim your documents as scheduled

Refer to the claim slip issued to you for further instructions.


Tips and Warnings

  1. Same-day appointments are not allowed. No online applicants will be allowed to set the appointment date on the same day of application. All applicants should set an appointment in advance.
  2. For technical concerns, you can reach PRC by emailing [email protected].
  3. For payment concerns, you can reach PRC by calling their hotline at 405-7000 or emailing [email protected].
  4. Professionals working abroad are no longer required to comply with the required CPD units for their profession before they can renew their licenses.
  5. The required CPD units are reduced to no more than 15 CPD units needed for each profession.
  6. Newly-licensed professionals who will renew their PRC ID for the first time are exempted from the required CPD units. However, they must comply with the required CPD units for their second renewal.
  7. Beware of Facebook pages and other unofficial social media handles offering a fee for PRC ID renewal assistance. All relevant information regarding PRC ID renewal will be posted only on the official PRC website, Facebook page, or Twitter handle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. I want to update or correct my personal information before renewing my license. What should I do?

If you got married and want to update your registered name, or if you want to correct entries or data related to your personal information, you can file a Petition for a Change of Registered Name due to Marriage or a  Petition for Correction of Entries or Data, respectively, at the PRC Central Office or the nearest PRC Regional Office11.

Upon receiving your completed documents, the PRC will need two months or 60 days to process your request. Once the petition is approved, you can proceed to renew your Professional Identification card online.

2. Is there any courtesy lane available for PRC license renewal? If so, who can avail of it?

Yes. On February 12, 2018, PRC released a memorandum order12 to process PRC renewal for OFWs. All PRC Offices will provide a courtesy lane for OFWs identified as Balik Manggagawa.

Aside from the required documents for PRC renewal, OFWs who wish to use the courtesy lane should also present proof of their status as a Balik Manggagawa OFW in the form of an OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate.

There is also a courtesy lane for senior citizens, pregnant women, nursing mothers, and Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). OFWs may also use any of these lanes if there are no courtesy lanes for OFWs at their preferred PRC Office.
A member of the PRC staff will be assigned to process all renewal applications coming from the mentioned courtesy lanes.

3. Can I walk into a PRC office instead of applying for a renewal online?

No, walk-ins are no longer allowed since the renewal process has two stages: submitting the renewal application online and then claiming the renewed ID from the selected office on the appointment date.

Professionals who renew a PRC ID must go through the online application process before proceeding to the nearest PRC office.

4. What should I do if I forget my login details on the PRC website?

Click Forgot Password? below the Sign In button. Enter your email address and click Submit. Open your email address, then click the link to reset your password. 

Alternatively, you can email [email protected] and provide details about your issue, whether it’s a forgotten email address, password, or both. 

5. How can OFWs renew their PRC licenses?

OFWs can renew their license just like everyone else. First, they must submit an online application at PRC’s official website. They need to ask a representative to claim their renewed ID on their behalf on the day of the appointment.

The representative must bring the following additional documents:

a. Authorization Letter and valid PRC ID of the representative (if the representative is another PRC-licensed professional); OR
b. Special Power of Attorney and valid IDs of the professional and the representative (if the representative is not a PRC-licensed professional).

To prove that you’re an actively working OFW and therefore exempted from CPD compliance, PRC offices will also require the following documents from your representative:

a. Certificate of Employment
b. Latest or current payslip

6. Can I renew my PRC license in advance?

Yes, you can renew your PRC ID in advance, which will not result in losing a year of validity.

According to the PRC, the advance renewal of the ID card is accepted as early as one year before the expiration date (i.e., the date of birth of the professional)13

Therefore, if your PRC ID expires on June 14, 2021, you can renew it anytime from June 14, 2020, to June 14, 2021, without incurring any penalty.

7. I won’t make it to my scheduled appointment. Can an authorized representative claim my renewed PRC license on my behalf?

Yes, as long as the representative presents the required documents for verification.

If a representative is claiming your renewed PRC card and that representative is also a PRC-licensed professional, the following additional documents must be submitted:

a. Valid PRC ID of the authorized representative
b. Authorization letter (should indicate that you’re allowing your representative to claim your renewed PRC Card on your behalf)

If a representative is claiming your renewed PRC card and that representative is NOT a PRC-licensed professional, the following additional documents must be submitted:

a. Valid ID of the authorized representative
b. Your valid ID
c. Special Power of Attorney (should indicate that you’re allowing your representative to claim your renewed PRC Card on your behalf)

8. Can I renew my PRC license after it expires?

Yes, you can renew your PRC ID even if it’s past its expiration date. However, there will be applicable penalties to be incurred for late renewal.

So how much is the penalty for an expired PRC license? The total cost includes the standard license renewal fee plus additional fees, the amount of which depends on how long your PRC license has expired and the type of profession you’re practicing.

For instance, if you renew your license 20 days after your birth month, the following additional fees will apply:

a. For professions requiring a baccalaureate degree: Php 30 surcharge
b. For professions requiring a non-baccalaureate degree: Php 28 surcharge

9. I tried to set an appointment online to renew my PRC license, but there are no available slots. What should I do?

It only means no more slots are available at your chosen PRC office. To secure an appointment online, you can either wait for your selected PRC office to offer a new set of slots later or choose another PRC office near you.

10. Can I cancel my PRC appointment?

If you haven’t paid the renewal fee yet, there’s no need to request cancellation, as appointment slots that haven’t been paid are not considered valid. The system will automatically invalidate it.

Suppose you insist on canceling the unpaid appointment to create a different transaction. You may log in to your account, click Existing Transaction, and click the red Cancel button assigned to that transaction.

However, appointment slots that have already been paid can no longer be canceled as the renewal fee is non-refundable. Instead, you can reschedule your appointment date, but you can only do this while securing the appointment.

11. I have already paid the renewal fee. However, I cannot claim my PRC license at my scheduled appointment. The rescheduling option is no longer available, and I don’t have a representative. What should I do?

You can still go on a later date beyond your scheduled appointment. Contact the PRC office where you’re scheduled to appear to confirm when you can claim your PRC license. This only applies to professionals who have already paid for and secured an online appointment. You can cancel the appointment if you haven’t paid the fee yet (see the previous item for more information).

Also, you can only claim your renewed PRC license beyond but never earlier than your scheduled appointment. So if your appointment is on September 4, you can still claim your license a day or a week later but not earlier than the said date.

12. How can I contact PRC to ask about appointment slots and other related concerns?

Depending on your region, you can send an email to or call PRC regional offices and/or service centers through the following:

a. NCR – [email protected]
b. BAGUIO – [email protected] Tel No. (074) 665-4338, 661-9105, 665-4335
c. BUTUAN – [email protected]
d. CAGAYAN DE ORO – [email protected] Tel No. (08822) 712-772
e. CEBU – [email protected] Tel No. (032) 2535330
f. DAVAO – [email protected] Tel Nos. (082) 234-0007 to 08 (082) 234-0006
g. GENERAL SANTOS – [email protected]
h. ILOILO – [email protected] Tel Nos. (033) 3292730, (033) 3292733, (033) 3293705
i. LEGAZPI – [email protected] Tel No. (052) 4813079
j. LUCENA – [email protected] Tel No. (042) 3737316
k. PAGADIAN – [email protected] Tel No. (062) 9250080
l. ROSALES PANGASINAN – [email protected] Tel No. 09065686215
m. SAN FERNANDO – [email protected]
n. TACLOBAN – [email protected] Tel Nos. (053) 3239729, (053) 8322519, (053) 8322520
o. TUGUEGARAO – [email protected] Tel No. (078) 3040701

13. What happens if you don’t renew your PRC license?

You can’t practice your profession with an expired PRC license. Continuing to work in your profession despite having an expired PRC license is punishable by law. Nurses, or any other professionals for that matter, can’t practice with an expired license; otherwise, they will be charged with a fine of at least Php 10,000 to a maximum of Php 40,000 or be imprisoned for one to six years or both14.

If you’re working for the government, you’ll face the consequence of not only being eligible for promotion but also losing your job and all its benefits altogether. It’s clearly stated in the 2017 Omnibus Rules on Appointment and Other Human Resource Actions15 issued by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) that professionals who will be working for the government must have a valid PRC license. Therefore, an expired license can deprive government employees of the opportunity to practice their professions and serve the country simultaneously.

Meanwhile, if you’re an inactive professional who has decided to let your license expire, you’ll face many hurdles if you return to your profession. For example, inactive nurses who haven’t practiced their profession for five consecutive years are required to undergo a refresher course involving one month of didactic training and three months of practicum before they can return to their profession16.

14. Should I keep renewing my PRC license even if I don’t practice my profession anymore?

Yes, especially if you have a definite plan for practicing your profession soon. Note that licensed professionals must now earn a specific number of CPD units before they can renew their licenses. So unless you plan to return to your profession soon, this may not be a worthwhile investment. If the only reason that keeps you from letting go of your PRC ID is to have a valid ID, then there are other government-issued IDs that you can obtain without the need to comply with costly requirements like the CPD.

15. I have lost my PRC license. What should I do?

To renew your PRC license, you need to know your PRC license number. You must apply for a duplicate copy if you have lost the PRC license. To do this, you would need the following:

a. Printed application form
b. Affidavit of Loss for lost PRC ID
c. One passport-size picture on white background with a full name tag
d. Special Power of Attorney, if filed through an authorized representative

Log on to the PRC Online Services website and secure an appointment with the PRC. On the day of your appointment, submit all the requirements and pay the application fee of Php 250.

The duplicate copy of your PRC ID will be released within the same day.

16. I’m now a citizen of another country. Can I still renew my PRC license in the Philippines?

Yes, provided that you’ve applied for dual citizenship. To apply for a PRC license as a dual citizen, you must submit the general requirements listed above plus this additional requirement: A current and valid Philippine Passport OR Oath of Allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines OR Identification Certificate where the applicant is recognized as a Filipino citizen.

17. How long will my renewed PRC license be delivered to my address?

As soon as the PRC has turned the card over to the courier, it will take up to 7 working days (sometimes up to 2 weeks) for the new PRC license to be delivered to your address.

18. How can I track the delivery of my PRC ID license?

After you pay the shipping fee, W Express will provide you with a house waybill (HWB)17, a unique tracking number you can find on your PRC account dashboard. You can input this tracking number in the W Express tracking tool to check the delivery status.
how to renew prc license online 11
If you want a real-time update, you can also send an email inquiry to W Express customer service ([email protected]). They also have a dedicated PRC Services email address. Simply email a subject line PRC Reference Number and FULL NAME to [email protected].
W Express customer service can also be reached via the trunk line at 02 8879-8888. They can attend to your concern all weekdays, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

19. Can I pay PRC renewal thru GCash?

As of August 26, 2021, you can pay the PRC renewal fee directly through GCash18.

how to pay prc renewal gcash

You can also use GCash to pay for other PRC online services like board exam applications and initial registration/PRC ID applications. To pay PRC renewal via GCash, select GCash as your preferred payment option after securing an appointment with PRC or providing the shipping details (for applicants who will avail of the door-to-door delivery). A convenience fee shall be applied for using GCash.



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