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88 thoughts on “How To Get OEC Online in 2023 Through POPS-BaM

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  2. Hi, I’ll be bringing my family sometime in June to NL. Does my wife also need to get OEC? She doesn’t have an employer yet.

  3. Where can I check if I have an oec number already? Coz as I remembered I did filled up everything but I can’t remember if it was successful. Hope you can help me,thanks.

  4. 1yr na po akong hindi na kabalik expire na po yong civil Id ko pero hindi pa expire ang kontrata ko gusto nola akong pabalikin paano po ako makakabalik, ano po ang kailangan kong e process

  5. i have an oec via online but made it too early, so it will be expiring 4 days before my flight. how can i acquire another one, should i just wait for it to expire and make one the next day? will that be possible?

  6. I have my old BMonline account when I was still single. However, I created my new BMonline e-registration using my married name. How can I acquire OEC exemption since I am still working with the same employer.

  7. Hello there to my people at my delay medical hospital now by this time I’m getting a hard pump tissue clog stomach for after I’m done eating all of my dinner meals’do ya’ll have a chest tube to make it flatten once again, pick me up by September 13,2,022 at 8:30 night time shift please & thank you all for sharing this information with me?✓

  8. I had already registered under the new procedure but for 3 days i can find any available slots….. can i go directly to any POEA office?

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