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26 thoughts on “How to Get Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) Through BM Online

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  3. I have already an BM On line but now I want to acquire exemption. Of my OEC but can’t log in always error or wrong email or password what should I do?

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    1. The site might be experiencing technical issues. You can refresh the page or try again after a few minutes or hours.

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  8. Tanong ko lang po ano po ang gagawin ko kasi mali ang nailagay sa last arrival date ko imbes n oct.3 2019 ang nkalagay oct.13 2019…nov.14 2019 lang ako kumuha. Nong pina print kna do k nkita n mali pala…

    1. You can edit the incorrect info online.

      Read this for more info:

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  15. I forget my email add and my password in my oec account please help me I don’t know what I do?? My flight schedule is this coming 6th of sept .. thanks!!

    1. You can only reset your password, but not your email address. For more info, read this:

      1. Pls help me how to reset my password on bm online. I forgot password and my email password i cant reset my password

      2. You can find the answer here:

  16. Pwede poba ako ulit maka aquire ng oec.napaaga po kasi ako kumuha hindi umabot sa departure date ko? salamat po

  17. I got an OEC exemption last year but now I’m returning again the same employer but can’t get the same OEC exemption what should I do?

    1. Please read our complete guide to OEC exemption. Here’s the URL of the article for your convenience:

      1. Puede ko po bub malaman kung anong oec number ko kakatapos ku lang mag owwa nong sept 16 to 18 2019 sa bocobo

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