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How To Apply for BPI Credit Card: An Ultimate Guide

How To Apply for BPI Credit Card: An Ultimate Guide

A BPI credit card comes with many perks, like paying for hospital bills or college tuition in 24 monthly installments.

This financial flexibility makes managing huge expenses easier on the budget.

Cardholders also get treated with credit card promos from time to time (Free Jollibee meals and toys, anyone?). BPI’s Real Thrills rewards program is but another reason people like to have a BPI card in their wallet.

Excited to get your first BPI credit card but have no idea how to apply for one?

A credit card application with BPI—or any bank for that matter—isn’t just about filling out forms at the bank and waiting for your credit card to arrive. Different factors can get you approved or denied for a BPI credit card.

Let this article be your guide.

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Table of Contents

How To Apply for BPI Credit Card: A 7-Step Guide to Getting Approved

Here’s a step-by-step guide to walk you through the BPI credit card application process and help you raise your chances of getting approved.

1. Check Your Credit History

how to apply credit card in bpi 1

Terms like credit history and credit score may sound foreign to a common Pinoy, but they do matter.

In fact, banks in the Philippines use them to decide whether to approve a credit card application or not.

Your credit history shows how responsible you are for paying off your credit card bills, loans, and other financial obligations. The bank will likely approve you for a credit card if yours is good.

Every year, you can get a free copy of your credit report—which shows your credit history over time—from the Credit Information Corporation1 or one of its accredited credit bureaus.

If you have no credit history, meaning you’ve never had a credit card or loan yet, apply for a secured BPI credit card.

Always pay your bills in full and on time to build a good credit history. Once you’ve done so, you’ll easily qualify for regular credit cards.

2. Know if You Qualify for a BPI Credit Card

how to apply credit card in bpi 2

Like other credit card providers in the Philippines, BPI sets minimum requirements for those who want to apply for a credit card. It’s easy to qualify for one.

BPI Credit Card Eligibility Requirements

  • Age: at least 21 years old 2  
  • Home or business address: Near a BPI branch (within a 30-kilometer radius of the bank).
  • Must be employed in his/her current work for not less than two years (In case the applicant is employed for less than two years, he/she must have a minimum monthly income of ₱20,000 and be employed in any of the top 1,000 companies)
  • Contact number: A home or office landline number.

Minimum Monthly Income Requirement

Depending on your preferred BPI card (Bank of the Philippine Islands [BPI], 2022), BPI requires a minimum basic salary (excluding overtime pay, commissions, and other fees).

  • ₱15,000 –  BPI Blue Mastercard, BPI Edge Mastercard, Petron-BPI Mastercard
  • ₱30,000 BPI Amore Cashback 
  • ₱40,000 – BPI Gold Mastercard
  • ₱80,000 – BPI Amore Platinum Cashback
  • ₱100,000 BPI Visa Signature
  • ₱15,000 – All BPI cards for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) 
  • ₱30,000 – All BPI cards for self-employed individuals

3. Pick the Best BPI Credit Card for You

how to apply credit card in bpi 3

Your chosen BPI credit card can make or break your finances. Before you file your application, decide which card best fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle.

Things To Consider When Choosing a BPI Credit Card

  • Your spending habits – Where will you frequently use the card for? Will you use it for shopping, travel, dining, or emergencies?
  • Your desired credit card rewards – Frequent user points, discounts, shopping rebates, dining rebates, fuel rebates, or air miles? Which credit card reward appeals to you the most?
  • Your monthly income – The right card for you also depends on how much you earn. For example, if your monthly salary is less than ₱30,000, it’s impractical to own a premium card like the Gold Mastercard and Visa Platinum.
  • Credit card fees and charges – Can you afford the fees that come with owning a particular BPI credit card?

BPI Credit Card Types

Here’s an overview of the different types of BPI credit cards to choose from:

BPI Credit CardIdeal For
BPI Amore Cashback CardShopping and dining at Ayala Malls
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback CardShopping and dining at Ayala Malls
BPI Blue MastercardFrequent overseas travelers
BPI eCreditOnline shopping and e-payments
BPI Edge MastercardMillennials who often shop, dine, and go to hip clubs and events
BPI Family Credit CardManaging household expenses
BPI Gold MastercardAnyone who wants the benefits that come with a premium card
BPI Visa Signature CardHigh-income earners who frequently travel
Petron-BPI MastercardBudget-conscious motorists
BPI Amore Cashback Card
how to apply for bpi credit card 1

Ideal for: Shopping and dining at Ayala Malls

Annual fee: Free on the first year, ₱2,050 for every succeeding year

Interest rate: 2% per month3


  • Earn 4% cashback on supermarkets and 1% cashback on drug stores for every ₱1,000 local in-store and online spend. (Up to ₱15,000 rebates per year)
  • Ayala Mall privileges (unlimited access to its exclusive customer and family lounges)
  • Low Forex conversion rate of 1.85%


  • High annual fee for the second year of membership and onwards 
BPI Amore Platinum Cashback Card
how to apply for bpi credit card 2

Ideal for: Shopping and dining at Ayala Malls

Annual fee: Free in its first year, ₱5,000 for every succeeding year

Interest rate: 2%


  • Earn 4% cashback on online food delivery services and restaurants, 1% cashback in department stores and supermarkets for every ₱1,000 local in-store or online spend  
  • Ayala Mall Privileges (unlimited access to its exclusive customer and family lounges, 5% discount to every movie ticket purchase)
  • Low Forex conversion rate of 1.85%


  • High annual fee and income requirement
  • Earning rebates limited only to Ayala Mall merchants
BPI Blue Mastercard
how to apply for bpi credit card 3

Ideal for:  Frequent overseas travelers

Annual fee: ₱1,550 (free for the first year)

Interest rate: 2%


  • Earns 1 “Real Thrill” rewards point for every ₱35 spent. Use Real Thrill reward points to redeem food vouchers, shopping discounts, gift certificates, and airline miles4
  • Booking flights using this card entitles you to ₱2 million worth of insurance for free.

Cons: None

BPI eCredit
how to apply for bpi credit card 4

Ideal for:  Online shopping and e-payments

Annual fee: No annual fee for life

Interest rate: 3.50%


  • Secure online payments
  • Free companion card to any BPI Mastercard


  • For e-commerce use only
BPI Edge Mastercard
how to apply for bpi credit card 5

Ideal for:  Millennials who often shop, dine, and go to hip clubs and events

Annual fee: ₱110/month (free for the first year)

Interest rate: 3.50%


  • Earns one rewards point for every ₱50 spent
  • Monthly annual fee payment that’s easy on the budget


  • Doesn’t earn rewards as quickly as other BPI cards
BPI Family Credit Card
BPI Family Credit Card

Ideal for:  Managing household expenses

Annual fee:₱1,350 (free for the first year) (BPI, 2022)

Interest rate: 2%


  • Low annual fee


  • Doesn’t earn rewards
BPI Gold Mastercard
how to apply for bpi credit card 6

Ideal for: Anyone who wants the benefits that come with a premium card

Annual fee: ₱2,250 (free for the first year)

Interest rate: 2%


  • Earns 1 Real Thrills rewards point for every ₱35 spent. Use Real Thrill points to redeem shopping discounts, gift vouchers, and air miles.
  • Low Forex conversion rate of 1.85% 
  • Get ₱10,000,000 worth of insurance for free by booking your flights using this card. 


  • Higher income requirements, annual fees, and interest rates than some premium cards from other banks
BPI Visa Signature Card
BPI Visa Signature Card

Ideal for: High-income earners who frequently travel

Annual fee: ₱5,500

Interest rate: 2%


  • Enjoy an all-year-round and exclusive 50% discount promos on different services such as resorts, hotels, and dining. Refer here for the complete list of exclusive Visa Signature benefits.  
  • Free membership to Ayala Rewards Circle (ARC). ARC provides different privileges such as exclusive discounts on resorts and restaurants (Refer here for the complete list).
  • Earns one rewards point for every ₱20 spent
  • Exclusive travel perks
  • Get free travel insurance coverage by booking your flights using this card
  • Low Forex conversion rate of 1.85% and preferential exchange rates on certain foreign currencies 
  • Free access to NAIA 3 Airport Lounge


  • Designed for affluent BPI customers only
Petron-BPI Mastercard
how to apply for bpi credit card 7

Ideal for: Budget-conscious motorists

Annual fee: ₱1,550 (free for the first year)

Interest rate: 3.50%


  • 3% fuel rebate at participating Petron stations (Maximum of ₱15,000 rebate per year). Rebates are credited directly as cash credit to your next billing cycle’s credit card statement. 
  • Free ₱200 fuel voucher (for new cardholders only)


  • Fuel rebates exclusive only to Petron customers

4. Prepare BPI Credit Card Requirements

how to apply credit card in bpi 4

Once you’re sure you have a good chance of approval and have chosen the perfect card, you can already gather the supporting documents required for a BPI credit card application.

a. Duly accomplished application form

You can complete the form at the BPI branch for a walk-in credit card application.

If you’ll apply for a BPI credit card online, simply fill out the online application form.

When filling out an application form, be sure to provide complete and correct information.

b. At Least One Valid ID

BPI requires at least one government-issued ID with a photo and signature. Photocopy, scan, or take a picture of the front and back of your ID card.

Here are the accepted IDs at BPI:

The acceptance of your ID is subject to the BPI branch’s evaluation and approval. Have your backup IDs ready, just in case.

Here are the valid IDs that the BSP allows to use8 for financial transactions in the Philippines:

  • OFW ID
  • Seaman’s Book
  • Barangay Certification
  • DSWD Certification
  • Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • National Council on Disability Affairs-issued ID

c. Proof of Income

Photocopy, scan, or take a picture of each of these documents:

For Employed

Any of the following:

For Self-employed

Latest audited financial statements (AFS) with BIR/bank stamp and the latest ITR with BIR/Bank stamp

For Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs)
  • Contract of employment (validated by the POEA)
  • Latest two-month proof of remittance
  • Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) or POEA-validated OFW information sheet (for land-based workers and direct hires)
Existing Principal Credit Cardholders (With Other Banks for at Least One Year)

No need to submit any proof of income as long as any of these documents are provided to BPI:

  • Photocopy of credit card
  • Latest credit card billing statements

d. Additional Requirements

Depending on the credit card applicant, BPI may ask for more requirements such as the following:

Representative Will Receive the Card on the Cardholder’s Behalf
Foreign Residents

Any of the following:

  • Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR)
  • Work permit
  • Embassy accreditation papers
Owners or Managers of Remittance Centers, Money Changers, Pawnshops, Forex Dealers, and Other BPI-Regulated Entities

BSP-issued Certificate of Registration

Insurance Agents

Insurance Commission license

Existing SkyMiles Member

Any of the following:

  • SkyMiles ID
  • Document indicating the valid and registered name and number in the SkyMiles membership program

5. Submit Your BPI Credit Card Application

how to apply credit card in bpi 5

You may apply for a credit card at the nearest BPI branch, where you’ll fill out an application form and submit the requirements.

Better yet, file your application online—it’s more convenient that way.

How To File a BPI Credit Card Application Online

how to apply for bpi credit card 8
  1. Go to the BPI Cards website. Select “Cards” in the menu above, then “Credit Cards”. Press Apply now to start your online application
  2. Select whether you’re an existing BPI customer or not
  3. Select your preferred type(s) of BPI credit card. Click Start Application to proceed.  Indicate whether you want to get a free BPI eCredit Mastercard or not. Press Continue afterward
  4. Complete your personal information Enter the following information:
    • a) Enter your mobile number and email address. Complete the captcha and then tick the checkbox below it. Afterward, click Continue
    • b) Type your first name, middle name, and last name. Click Continue to proceed
    • c) Enter your birthdate, birthplace, mother’s maiden name, and sex
    • d) Provide the following: home phone number, alternate mobile number, home address, and duration of stay
    • e) Input your educational attainment
  5. Accomplish your Financial Information
    • a) Indicate your Gross Monthly Income and Source of Funds. Note that minimum gross income must be ₱15,000
    • b) Choose your employment type, position, employer/business name, industry, and employment start date
    • c) Input your work contact details and address
    • d) Select whether you have a TIN ID or an SSS/GSIS ID. Afterward, indicate your ID number
    • e) Complete the remaining questions regarding car ownership and previous credit card
  6. Answer whether you want to have a supplementary card or not
  7. Upload a photo or pdf of your proof of ID and proof of income
  8. Double-check your answers
  9. Read the Declaration at the bottom. Tick the small box underneath to agree to the terms and conditions
  10. Click the Submit button
  11. Wait for the confirmation page to appear

6. Check Your Credit Card Application Status

how to apply credit card in bpi 6

“How long does BPI approve and deliver a credit card?” you may ask. 

On average, BPI processes a credit card application within one to two weeks. In some cases, it takes longer than a month for BPI to come up with a decision.

If you’re approved for a BPI credit card, you’ll receive a text message notifying you that your card will be delivered in five banking days.

Based on the experiences of cardholders, actual BPI card delivery takes between one and two weeks.

How To Follow Up on Your BPI Credit Card Application Status

If two weeks have passed and you still haven’t received an update from BPI, it’s time to follow up.

Good thing that BPI offers two ways to check an application status: via its online banking and phone banking facilities.

Phone Banking

1. Call the 24-hour customer service hotline:

  • Metro Manila:  (+632) 889-1000
  • Domestic toll-free: 1-800-188-89-100
  • Mobile phone and international: (632) 889-10009

2. Press 2 for Credit Cards

3. Press 3 for Credit Card Application

4. Press 1 to inquire about your application status

5. Press 1 to enter your 10-digit application ID number. Or press 0 to talk to a customer service agent

Online Banking

You can also check your BPI credit card application status online through the BPI online banking site. However, you must be a registered BPI online banking user to do so.

If you’re already a registered user, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your BPI online account
  2. Click Other Services, then Application Status, and finally Credit Card
  3. Input your credit card application date

7. Activate Your BPI Credit Card

how to apply credit card in bpi 7

As with other credit cards, a BPI credit card must be activated before you can start using it.

If you’re enrolled in BPI Express Online, log in to your account to check if your credit card details, such as credit limit and customer numbers, are included in your profile. If so, that means your BPI card is already pre-activated.

Otherwise, you’ll have to call the BPI phone banking hotline to request activation. Here’s how:

1. Call the 24-hour customer service hotline

  • Metro Manila:  (+632) 889-1000
  • Domestic toll-free: (+632) 1-800-188-89-100
  • Mobile phone and international: (632) 89-100

2. Press 2 for Credit Cards

3. Press 2 for Credit Card Activation

4. Wait for a phone banker to answer your call. Have your new credit card ready, as you’ll be asked for the last eight digits of your card number and other details for activation

Tips and Warnings

1. Be available for a call from the bank

After you’ve filed your application, expect BPI to contact you for data verification. BPI may also contact your HR department to verify your employment details.

If the bank can’t contact you or HR, your application might get declined.

2. Sign at the back of your credit card immediately

The BSP advises new cardholders to sign at the back of their card as soon as they receive it for protection against credit card fraud. During transactions, cashiers verify if the signature on the card matches the customer’s signature on the receipt and any ID provided.

Also, payment networks like Mastercard and Visa require the cardholder’s signature on the card (On the back of a credit card, it says “not valid unless signed”). Merchants won’t accept your BPI credit card for payment without your signature.

3. Never share your personal and credit card information

Beware of scammers who trick cardholders into giving away their confidential information such as birthdate, address, password, and credit card number. They hack into these details, allowing them to use someone’s credit card account to perform unauthorized transactions.

Never fall victim to credit card fraud. No matter how banks like BPI boost their security features, you’re mainly responsible for keeping your account secure.

Don’t disclose YOUR sensitive personal information and credit card details. Banks don’t ask for their customers’ online banking username and password, so be wary when someone does it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is better as a first credit card: BPI or BDO?

2. What is the best BPI credit card for first-time cardholders?

3. I’m an OFW. Can I apply for a BPI credit card?

4. I don’t have all the required income documents. Can I still apply for a BPI credit card? How?

5. Why do I keep getting rejected for a BPI credit card?

6. How much credit limit will I get?

7. How does BPI compute interest charges?

8. How do I check my BPI credit card bills and balance?

9. How do I pay for my BPI credit card bill?

10. Can I pay my bills using the BPI credit card?

11. Can I use my BPI credit card abroad?


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