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9 thoughts on “How To Apply for BPI Credit Card: An Ultimate Guide

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  2. I agree, it’s so easy to appy for any BPI credit card as long as you have the money for the security deposit and not need to send other proof of income. However, after a year of proving them that you can pay all your debts, along with the statement of account that your branch submits to the credit card dept., you will still be asked to submit other income documents to retain the credit card and for your money to be released (the hold out amount you deposit to get a credit card). So annoying that after a year you thought you have established a good credit history, but for them, you are still not credible enough to have a regular credit card.
    The customer service from my branch asked me to submit my payslip and COE, which I doubt if they will consider since I am a freelancer, and not considered as a regular employee (according to our accountant). We’ll see what happens next…
    But in case BPI denies my credit card application, it wil be their lost. I still have my BDO JCB Credit Card anyway. I got this the same time I applied for BPI credit card. And mind you, I got this card without having to submit any documents and no security deposit too. I just didn’t expect that my BDO credit card application will be approved so I applied for BPI credit card.
    I can share this to you on a different section maybe…
    I hope I was able to give some insights on whether to get this BPI Credit Card with security deposit

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