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130 thoughts on “How To Open BPI Savings Account 2023

  1. I live in the USA. Can I open a new BPI savings account online? Or can I deactivate my dormant BPI Savings account? If so can I use my sister’s address in the Philippines. Thank you

  2. Paki-update na po yung requirements. Hindi na nila tinatanggap ang Philhealth. Nagpresent pa ako ng TIN card, hindi pa rin nila ako inaccommodate. So I opted to open an account in another bank instead.

  3. They did not accept my Barangay Certificate. The teller said it’s not a valid way of confirming my identification. Please watch out for this and to the writer of this blog, please update the article. It’s such a downer to be rejected after going through so much in all the trouble of getting in line, waiting outside in the heat only to end up empty-handed.

  4. CORRECTION for the savings ATM account without passbook there is a 300 peso charge if you don’t have sufficient amount. Which is very disappointing for many who are struggling to keep up with finances.

  5. How to open an account through ATM without maintaining balance,and what is NATIONAL ID?iis it a primary id?

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  7. I went to a BPI branch and I have both police clearance and Nbi clearance to present but they still ask for a primary IDs with is something that cannot be acquired as of the moment. That is why not many people in this country has bank knowledge because of how hard it is to open a god damn simple bank savings account.

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