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How To Find Bank Code: The Ultimate List of Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes

How To Find Bank Code: The Ultimate List of Philippine Bank Codes and SWIFT Codes

To ensure a more secure and easier financial transaction, identification codes have been designated to banks or their specific branches. These codes are known as the bank codes and the SWIFT codes.

Whether you’re transferring funds locally or overseas (e.g., using Paypal), chances are you will be asked to provide either of these identification codes. 

Wondering where to find these codes? Save time looking for them as we have provided the ultimate list of Philippine bank codes and SWIFT codes in this article.

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What Is a Bank Code?

A bank code is a nine-digit code used to identify a bank in the Philippines. This is usually used for local bank transactions or when transferring funds from Paypal to a Philippine bank.

Bank codes are also known as Bank Routing Symbol Transit Numbers (BRSTN).

Although bank codes can be located in your bank statement, it is not always the case. Thus, you may use our list below to quickly find the Philippine bank code you’re looking for.


Updated List of Philippine Bank Codes

BankBank Code
Asia United Bank011020011
Bank of Commerce010440016
Banco de Oro (BDO Unibank, Inc.)010530667
Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.010670019
Bank of the Philippine Islands010040018
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited010700015
China Bank010100013
China Bank Savings011129996
China Trust Bank010690015
CIMB bank 018010011
Citibank Savings Bank010070017
Development Banks of the Philippines010590018
Deutsche Bank010650013
East-West Bank010620014
Equicom Saving Bank010960017
HK and Shanghai Banking Corp.010060014
ING Bank N. V. 010660029
JP Morgan Chase Bank010720011
Land Bank010350025
MayBank Philippines Inc.010220016
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd010560019
Mizuho Bank Ltd.010640010
Philippine Bank of Communication (PBCOM)010110016
Philtrust Bank010090039
Philippine National Bank010080010
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank)010470992
Philippine Veterans Bank010330016
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)010280014
Robinsons Bank Corporation011070016
Security Bank010140015
The Standard Chartered Bank010050011
Sterling Bank of Asia011190019
United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB)010299995
United Overseas Bank Phils.010270341
Union Bank in the Philippines010419995

What Is a SWIFT Code?

SWIFT (Society of Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) code is used for international financial transactions. Most of the time, you need to provide the recipient’s bank’s SWIFT code if you are sending funds internationally.

SWIFT code is also known as Business (or Bank) Identifier Code (BIC). When you are receiving money from a bank abroad, you have to provide your bank’s BIC to allow the transfer of funds to your account.

Basically, SWIFT code and BIC refer to the same thing1 since it is an identification of the recipient’s bank. 

A SWIFT code consists of 8 to 11 letters and numbers (alphanumeric characters):

  • The first four letters indicate the bank code 
  • The next two letters indicate the bank’s country
  • The next two letters or numbers indicate the location of the bank
  • Additional three characters can be included to provide additional details about the bank.

For example, the SWIFT code AUBKPHMMXXX means:

  • AUBK tells that the bank is Asia United Bank
  • PH tells that the bank is in the Philippines
  • MM tells that the bank’s branch is in Metro Manila

How To Find Bank’s SWIFT Code or BIC

bank code 1

To identify the SWIFT code or BIC of a specific bank or institution, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the SWIFT website
  2. Enter your bank’s name in the field marked with Enter Institution name.
  3. Select Philippines as the country.
  4. Enter the CAPTCHA code and click the Search button.

Upon clicking the search button, your bank’s BIC code will be shown. 

You can also refer to the next section for the updated list of bank SWIFT codes in the Philippines:


Updated List of Philippine SWIFT Codes

BankSWIFT Code
Bank of CommercePABIPHMMXXX
Banco de Oro (BDO Unibank, Inc.)BNORPHMMXXX
Bangkok Bank Public Co. Ltd.BKKBTHBKXXX
Bank of the Philippine IslandsBOPIPHMMXXX
Australia and New Zealand Banking Group LimitedANZBPGPXXXX
China Bank SavingsCHSVPHM1XXX
Citibank Savings BankCITIPH21 or CITIPH21XXX
Citystate Savings Bank CIVVPHM1
Development Banks of the PhilippinesDBPHPHMMXXX
Equicom Saving BankEQSNPHM1
Globe Telecom, Inc. (GCash)GLTEPHMT
MayBank Philippines Inc.MBBEPHMMXXX
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., LtdICBCTWTP013
Mizuho Bank Ltd.MHCBJPJ6XXX
One Network BankONNRPHM1XXX
Philippine Bank of Communication (PBCOM)CPHIPHMMXXX
Philippine Business BankPPBUPHMMXXX
Philippine National BankPNBMPHMMXXX
Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank)PHSBPHMMXXX
Philippine Veterans BankPHVBPHMMXXX
Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC)RCBCPHMMXXX
Robinsons Bank CorporationROBPPHMQXXX
Standard Chartered BankSCBLPHMMXXX
Sterling Bank of AsiaSTLAPH22
Tonik Digital Bank, Inc.TODGPHM2
United Coconut Planters BankUCSVPHM1 or UCSVPHM1XXX
Union Bank in the PhilippinesUBPHPHMMXXX

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the GCash bank code?

Just like Philippine banks, GCash also has its own bank code. This is the nine-digit code designated for GXchange Inc., the financial subsidiary of Globe that offers GCash. GCash’s bank code is 018040010.



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