How to Get a TIN Card in the Philippines: A Definitive Guide

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This article has been reviewed and edited by Miguel Dar, a CPA and an experienced tax consultant who specializes in tax audits. He provides tax advice to various start-up enterprises and clarified tax concerns of individual taxpayers. This includes assisting clients in registering their businesses, tax and bookkeeping training for start-up businesses, settling open cases, tax planning for future tax compliance and answering tax-related inquiries. 

Every taxpayer who is registered with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is encouraged to get a TIN ID card or simply TIN card as proof of membership.

Besides, a TIN ID card is a valid ID which you can use to open a bank account, apply for other government-issued IDs, and complete other important transactions.

This guide will show you how to obtain a TIN ID card whether you have an existing TIN number or not.

Disclaimer: This article is for general information only and is not substitute for professional advice.

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What is a TIN card?

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A TIN card, sometimes called the TIN ID card or TIN ID, is an identification card that bears the holder’s TIN, full name, address, birth date, photo, signature, and card issue date.

The TIN card is issued by the BIR for free and made of yellowish paper or thin cardboard with the BIR logo. It doesn’t expire, which means it’s valid forever and you don’t need to renew it.


Is TIN card a valid ID?

Even if the TIN card is a government-issued ID, it’s not honored as a valid ID in all government and private transactions.

For instance, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) doesn’t accept the TIN card for passport applications and renewals.

However, the TIN card is still recognized as a valid ID in some government transactions, such as applications for postal ID, NBI clearance, and police clearance, as well as SSS transactions.

Some banks may honor the TIN card as a secondary ID, but they accept only the digitized version. However, the BIR has stopped issuing the digitized ID and, as of this writing, has not announced when it will resume releasing this type of card.

If you badly need a valid ID for bank transactions such as opening a savings account or applying for a loan, you can apply for other IDs that are easy to get, such as the postal ID and UMID.


How to Get TIN ID if You Don’t Have a TIN Number Yet.

The TIN card is among the valid IDs in the Philippines that are easiest to get. Follow the steps below to obtain a TIN ID if you’ve never been issued a TIN before.

1. Apply for a TIN number.

If you’ve never been issued a TIN, you have to get this number from the BIR first. You won’t be issued a TIN ID card if you don’t have a TIN.

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2. Apply for a TIN ID at the same RDO that issued your TIN number.

Once you’ve completed the registration process at the BIR RDO, you can already request a TIN card. Do it right after the registration officer issues your TIN.

Your TIN card may be released within several minutes or an hour—that is, if the RDO is not busy during the day of your transaction.

However, when the BIR office is running out of ID paper for printing or experiencing a system issue, you’ll be asked to return to the RDO after one to three working days.

3. Receive your TIN ID.

When you receive your TIN card, attach your 1 x 1 photo and put your signature. Have your ID card laminated as soon as you can to keep it from getting torn or wet.


How to Get TIN ID if You Already Have an Existing TIN Number.

1. Go to the RDO (Revenue District Office) where you’re registered.

If you’re an employee who’s already issued a TIN through your employer, you should go directly to the RDO where you’re registered to apply for a TIN card.

Previously, employers were the ones required to submit a batch request for their employees’ TIN cards. However, this rule no longer applies because the Revenue Memorandum Order No. 37-20191 issued by the BIR in May 2019 requires employees to make a personal appearance at their respective RDO to get their TIN ID card.

2. Apply for a TIN ID.

To request and receive a TIN card, employees just need to present at least one valid government-issued ID. Those who are not available to receive their TIN card may assign a representative to claim it on their behalf. The authorized representative must submit a Special Power of Attorney to the RDO that will issue the TIN card.


How to Replace Lost, Damaged, or Unupdated TIN ID.

Lost your TIN card? Or is it damaged? You can easily have your TIN card replaced.

This section will discuss what you need to know before heading to the BIR to have your ID card replaced due to loss, theft, or damage. The information also applies to married women who wish to change their maiden name to married name.

1. Requirements for TIN card replacement.

  • Accomplished BIR Form 1905 (Application for Registration Information Update/Correction/Cancellation)
  • Accomplished BIR Form 0605 (Payment Form)
  • If TIN card is lost: Notarized Affidavit of Loss (You can draft your own affidavit or get one from a notary public near you. It usually costs Php 150 to Php 300+)
  • If TIN card is damaged: Old TIN card (both original and photocopy)
  • For married women: Marriage certificate and old TIN card (both original and photocopy)

2. How much is the TIN card replacement fee?

When requesting a replacement of your TIN card with the BIR, you’ll be charged a Php 100 processing fee.

3. Steps to applying for TIN card replacement.

Step 1: Visit the RDO where you’re registered and your TIN was issued.

Step 2: Fill out the BIR Form 1905.

  • Provide all the required details under Part I – Taxpayer Information.
  • Under Part II – Reason/Details of Registration Information Update/Correction, mark the “Replacement of Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) Card” box with an “X”.
  • For lost/damaged card: Under “Reason/Details,” mark the “Lost/Damaged” box.
  • For changing to married name: Under “Other Updates,” mark the “Change of Civil Status” box. Then proceed to Number 9 and fill out all the fields.
  • Under Number 12 (“Declaration”), write your name and put your signature over it.

Step 3: Proceed to the COR Update window and submit your accomplished BIR Form 1905 together with other requirements for TIN card replacement.

Step 4: Fill out the BIR Form 0605. Once done, proceed to the Payment window and submit the accomplished payment form to have it verified.

Step 5: Go to your RDO’s authorized agent bank2 to pay the TIN card fee. At the bank, request a BIR payment slip and fill it out. After payment, you’ll be issued a receipt along with the machine-validated BIR Form 0605.

Step 6: Return to the RDO and submit your payment receipt and machine-validated BIR Form 0605 to the COR Update window. You’ll also have to surrender the original and photocopy of your old TIN card (if damaged or changing to married name).

Step 7: Receive your TIN card. It may be released on the same day or after up to five working days. In the latter case, the officer will issue a TIN Card Claim Slip that indicates the release date of your new TIN card.

The application process for TIN card replacement, including payment at the bank and excluding card pickup, can take more or less 2 hours. You can speed up the process by downloading the BIR forms online and accomplishing them before you go to the RDO.


Tips and Warnings.

1. Don’t deal with fixers selling TIN cards online.

Scammers are all over Facebook nowadays, selling TIN ID assistance service for a fee and claiming that their TIN cards are legit. They also approach people transacting in government offices for the sale of these cards.

Although it’s tempting to avail of such a service to save yourself time and effort, never fall for this scam. The BIR has issued a public warning against fixers that sell fake TIN cards3, with a reminder that genuine cards are not for sale and are issued only by the BIR.

2. An authorized representative can claim or receive your TIN card on your behalf.

We already mentioned this information above but I’m repeating it here in case you’ve missed it.

If you’re not available to personally claim your TIN card, an authorized representative can do it on your behalf, provided that the said representative will bring your notarized Special Power of Attorney (SPA) along with your and the representative’s valid government-issued IDs.

The TIN card can only be claimed at the RDO where you’ve registered.


Frequently Asked Questions.

1. I recently got married/annulled. How can I update my name and civil status on my TIN card?

2. The name shown in my TIN card is misspelled/incorrect. How can I update/change it?

3. How can I know the RDO Code of the place/BIR office where I’m currently registered?

4. I’ve lost/forgotten my TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number). How can I recover it?

5. I already applied for a TIN but my previous employer didn’t provide it to me. How can I verify if I already have a TIN or not?



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  2. List of BIR-Authorized Agent Banks
  3. BIR Advisory Regarding TIN ID Assistance on Facebook and Other Online Sites

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