How to Get PhilHealth ID: An Ultimate Guide

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Whether you’re applying for a regular PhilHealth ID or a PhilHealth Insurance ID card, this guide provides everything you need to get started.

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What is PhilHealth ID?

The PhilHealth Identification Card is proof that the holder is a PhilHealth member who is entitled to government-mandated health insurance benefits.


Types of PhilHealth ID.

Is PhilHealth ID a valid ID? It depends on the kind of ID you have.

Two types of ID are issued to PhilHealth members: the regular PhilHealth ID and the digitized PhilHealth Insurance ID card.

Here are the differences between the two PhilHealth ID types.

1. Regular PhilHealth ID.

philhealth id 1

PhilHealth issues regular ID cards for free to all members upon registrationOpens in a new tab. or updating of membership records. 

When presented to avail of inpatient or outpatient benefits, the regular PhilHealth ID helps speed up insurance claim processing. 

Looking like a business card, the regular PhilHealth ID is made of card stock that can be laminated. Unlike other government-issued IDs such as the UMIDOpens in a new tab. and driver’s license, the regular PhilHealth ID has a simpler design and no security features.

Thus, most government and financial institutions don’t accept it as a primary valid ID.

How to apply for regular PhilHealth ID.

The regular ID is issued along with PhilHealth numberOpens in a new tab. and Member Data Record (MDR) when you register at any PhilHealth office. Thus, if you’ll get a regular PhilHealth ID for the first time, you need to apply for PhilHealth registrationOpens in a new tab. first.

If you’re a first-time employee and your employer filed your membership application for you, wait for the HR department to issue your PhilHealth ID and MDR.

If you’ve become a voluntary member through PhilHealth online registration, here are the steps to get a regular PhilHealth ID.

  1. Visit any PhilHealth office (PhilHealth branches in malls also issue regular IDs). Bring your PhilHealth number and two valid IDs.
  2. Approach a PhilHealth officer and get a Request Form and a queue number.
  3. Fill out the Request Form. Check the box next to “PhilHealth Identification Card (PIC).”
  4. When your number is called, give your accomplished form to the officer.
  5. The officer will process your request. Wait for a few minutes until your ID is printed and issued to you. Check if all the information is correct.

Don’t have time to personally request a PhilHealth ID? You can ask a representative to apply on your behalf.

Write and sign an authorization letterOpens in a new tab. and give it along with your valid ID to your representative. The authorized representative must also present his/her valid ID when filing your PhilHealth ID request.

Once you get your regular PhilHealth ID, don’t forget to attach your 1×1 ID photo, sign below it, and have it laminated.


2. Digitized PhilHealth Insurance ID Card.

philhealth id 2

The PhilHealth Insurance ID is a digitized PVC card that’s optional for employed members. Like the regular ID, the digitized ID is used for faster PhilHealth transactions.

The PhilHealth Insurance ID card is a valid ID honored in government and bank transactions, according to PhilHealthOpens in a new tab.. It also entitles the holder to discounts on medical services and medicines from PhilHealth’s partner hospitals and pharmacies.

This health insurance ID costs Php 90. Members may also include their dependent for an additional fee of Php 358.

How to apply for PhilHealth Insurance ID Card.

PhilHealth used to issue digitized IDs to both employed and voluntary members. But presently, issuance of the PVC-type ID to voluntary members is put on hold.

Only employed members can get this ID through their company HR, which will order the ID cards in bulk for their employees.

So if you’re an employee and interested in getting a digitized PhilHealth ID, coordinate with your HR department on how to apply for one.


How to replace lost/damaged PhilHealth ID.

The procedure for PhilHealth ID replacement is the same as that for new regular ID application. If your ID card is lost or damaged, you’re required to submit an additional document.

To replace a lost ID, submit an affidavit of lossOpens in a new tab.. The notary public usually has a ready-made template for this kind of affidavit. 

To replace a damaged ID, you just have to surrender your old ID card when you apply for a new one at the PhilHealth office.

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