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56 thoughts on “How to Get or Retrieve Your PhilHealth Number: An Ultimate Guide

  1. Gngda gbi poh ma’am sir pwede.poh ba mkuha ung philhealt numbr ko kailangan poh kc s work ko nwala poh kc philhealt id ko

  2. God evening poh nwala k poh kc phihealt id ko pdi poh b ulit kumuha or mkuha poh kht ung 12digit lng poh n numbr kailangan poh kc s work ko

  3. May philhealth number po ako, but its a year ko n po di na huhulugan at nakalimutan ko po yung number, pde ko po b malaman ang number ko.


    FEB 02, 1977

  4. Iba po ang philhealth nr ko sa ID at iba din po ung sa payslip ko na hnuhulugan ng company nmin.. pano po un? Pede po ba yun papalitan?

  5. How can i get my phil health numbe i apply it in quezon cityhall as indigency for my operation but until now i dont have philhealth number. Thanks and waitinf for your reply.

    1. To replace lost or damaged PhilHealth ID, please follow the instructions here:

    1. You have several options to retrieve your PhilHealth number.

      Read this for more info:

  6. May philhealth # n po ko pero wla p po qng philhealth ID.
    MDR lng po bngay sken.
    Need ko po kc sana ung philhealth ID

  7. Pano mag change status and gusto ko po hulugan ulit ung philhealth ko almost 7 years na hndi nahulugan pwede PA po ba I update Un and I change NG status or I need new philhealth na po.. Thank you

    1. It depends on the reason why you stopped making payments.

      Read this for more info:

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