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How To Recover Your Lost or Forgotten Pag IBIG MID Number

How To Recover Your Lost or Forgotten Pag IBIG MID Number

The Pag IBIG MID Number (short for Pag-IBIG Membership Identification Number) is always required each time you transact with the Pag-IBIG Fund—whether for a loan, benefit application, or contribution/MP2 savings payment.

You may also be asked for your Pag-IBIG MID number as a pre-employment requirement in your new job.

Whatever your reason is for finding your MID number, you can recover it through different online and offline channels.

You can recover your lost or forgotten Pag-IBIG number by trying one of these six Pag-IBIG number verification methods:

Whatever option you use, provide the details of your concern with your full name, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, and/or past and present employers.

If you’re requesting via email or Facebook, attach a clear image of your valid ID. These are required to give the Pag-IBIG number to the right person. 

Let’s now discuss these Pag IBIG number verification methods in detail.

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Pag-IBIG Number Verification: 6 Ways To Recover Your Lost Pag-IBIG MID Number

1. Use the Virtual Pag-IBIG Number Verification Service

pag ibig number verification 1

Waiting for your permanent Pag-IBIG number after completing your Pag-IBIG online registration? Get this number easily and quickly (at least three working days after registering) through the Virtual Pag-IBIG’s MID Number Inquiry facility. You can use the online service even if you don’t have a Virtual Pag-IBIG account. 

Here are the steps to view your Pag-IBIG number through Virtual Pag-IBIG:

  1. Access the Virtual Pag-IBIG MID Number Inquiry page.
  2. Enter your registration tracking number (RTN), last name, and birthdate (DD/MM/YYYY format). You can find your RTN on the Member’s Data Form (MDF) generated after you complete your Pag-IBIG online registration.
  3. Click the Submit button. Your Pag-IBIG MID number will be displayed. Copy and paste it or take a screenshot of the page to keep a copy of your Pag-IBIG number.

If you have no internet access, an alternative to verify your MID number is by sending an SMS inquiry.


2. Chat With a Lingkod Pag-IBIG Service Agent

pag ibig number verification 2

If you don’t have an RTN and need to retrieve your Pag-IBIG number fast, the best verification method is the Pag-IBIG live chat service.

Here’s how you can talk to a Lingkod Pag-IBIG chat agent to get your MID number:

  1. Go to the Pag-IBIG Fund website.
  2. On the lower right corner of the homepage, click on the icon that says “Chat with us.” 
  3. Fill out the online form with your information. You can skip the MID field.
  4. Select “Member ID Number” from the dropdown menu under “What is your concern?”
  5. Click the Submit button.
  6. Read the Q&As about the Pag-IBIG number. If none of the info answers your question, click the No button.
  7. Type your message with the following details:
  • Birthdate
  • Current employer
  • Previous employer/s (if any)
  • Your concern or question about your Pag-IBIG MID number

A live chat agent will reply and assist with your concern shortly.


3. Inquire Through Email

pag ibig number verification 3

Verify your MID number by sending an email to [email protected].

For a faster transaction, provide the following required details:

  • Last name, first name, and middle name
  • Full married name (if you’re female)
  • Birthdate
  • Birthplace
  • Full mother’s maiden name
  • Complete company name and address of your current employer
  • Contact details
  • Current location/city

Also, attach a clear image of your valid ID. Your ID and personal information are required to give the Pag-IBIG number to the right person. 

Editor’s note: Below is the template I used for my email inquiry. Feel free to use it if you’re someone like me who has jumped from formal employment to self-employment and forgot to continue paying for my Pag-IBIG contributions.

Good day!

I’m now self-employed, and it’s been years since I last paid for my Pag-IBIG contributions

Can I ask for my Pag-IBIG number?

Here are my personal details:

  1. Name:
  2. Birthday:
  3. Birthplace:
  4. Mother’s Maiden Name:
  5. Mobile Number:
  6. Current Address:

I have also attached a scanned copy of my passport for verification purposes. 

Thank you!


Your name

A Pag-IBIG agent will reply to your email inquiry with a transaction reference number. Provide this number when asking more questions or following up on the status of your Pag-IBIG number verification request.

Editor’s note: I sent mine on a Friday afternoon and received a reply containing my Pag-IBIG number by Monday. Perhaps the response would have been quicker had I sent an inquiry earlier that week. However, if you want an instant response, I recommend calling their hotline instead (more on this later).


4. Send a Private Message via the Pag-IBIG Fund Facebook Page

pag ibig number verification 4

Another convenient way to reach the Pag-IBIG Fund for your MID number verification is to send an inquiry through Facebook Messenger. Pag-IBIG’s Facebook team is available from Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Click here to send a message to Pag-IBIG via Facebook directly. Provide the details of your concern with your full name, birthdate, mother’s maiden name, and/or past and present employers.

While you can also inquire by commenting on Pag-IBIG Fund’s Facebook posts, sending a private message is the more secure way to verify your MID number. Anyone can see Pag-IBIG’s Facebook posts, including the comments. You don’t want your confidential information exposed to the public—so send a PM instead.


5. Call the Pag-IBIG Hotline

pag ibig number verification 5

If you have a landline at home, call the Pag-IBIG hotline (02) 8724-4244 (anytime between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. from Mondays to Saturdays) to ask for your MID number.

Once connected with an agent, be prepared to answer some questions about your personal information for your identity verification.

Editor’s note: Based on my experience, this is the fastest way to retrieve your Pag-IBIG MID number. I called on a weekday and finally got to talk to an agent after probably three attempts. She asked me for my full name, birthday, and other personal details for verification. A few seconds later, I finally got my Pag-IBIG number.


6. Visit the Nearest Pag-IBIG Branch

pag ibig number verification 6

Need to get your Pag-IBIG MID number and MDF at the same time? You can request both at any Pag-IBIG Fund office. Simply present your original valid ID and submit two photocopies of it.

Pag-IBIG branches are open Mondays to Fridays, from 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. (Check the list of Pag-IBIG branches here.) 

However, if you need a copy of your MDF for employment purposes, you don’t need to request one, according to Pag-IBIG. Instead, retrieve your MID number through other verification methods listed above and give it to your new employer.

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