How much is the monthly wallet limit for GCash?

Last Updated on 07/07/2020 by FilipiKnow

For GCash users under the Basic Membership Level, the monthly wallet limit is Php 50,000. For GCash users under the Semi-Verified and Fully-Verified Membership Levels, the monthly wallet limit is Php 100,000. Finally, Enterprise Users are given a Php 500,000 monthly wallet limit.

This monthly wallet limit doesn’t cover the combined outgoing and incoming GCash transactions (i.e., cash-in, cash-out, bills payment, bank transfer, etc.). Instead, the wallet limit for the cash-in/incoming transactions is different and separate from the wallet limit for the cash-out/outgoing transactions.

For fully verified users, for example, there’s a Php 100,000 limit that you can use for withdrawing money, sending money to others or purchasing items online (outgoing). On the other hand, you can also use a maximum of Php 100,000 for cash-in/incoming transactions.

Once you’ve used up your monthly limit for outgoing transactions, you can still continue using GCash but only for incoming transactions, and vice versa.

Update: Starting June 2020, users can now increase their GCash wallet limits from Php 100,000 to Php 500,000 by linking any of the following to their fully-verified GCash wallets:

  • BPI
  • Unionbank
  • Any debit card that is locally-issued and is Mastercard/Visa-enabled


To link any of those mentioned above to your GCash wallet, open your app then go to Settings. Tap on My Linked Accounts, select what you want to be linked to your wallet (BPI, Unionbank, or My Bank Cards), and then fill out all the required information.

You will receive a text notification almost instantly or up to seven days informing you that your wallet limit has increased to Php 500,000.

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