How to Use GCash Mastercard: Application, Withdrawal, and Fees

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A GCash Mastercard serves as a debit card or prepaid credit card connected to your GCash account. You can use it for various GCash transactions including cash withdrawals, cashless shopping, bills payment, and other ATM and debit card transactions.

gcash mastercard


How to Get a GCash Mastercard.

To apply for a GCash Mastercard, simply fill out the application form that you can access online or through the GCash app. Pay the Php 150 fee through the GCash app by clicking ‘Pay Bills’, then ‘Payment Solutions’, and finally, ‘GCash Mastercard’.

Simply provide details like the payment information and take note of the 10-digit reference number. Your GCash MasterCard will arrive at your doorstep or at the nearest LBC branch (for pickups) up to 10 days after placing your order.


Can I use GCash Mastercard abroad?

GCash Mastercard can be used to withdraw cash abroad. It can also be used as a prepaid credit card worldwide in all establishments and merchants where Mastercard is accepted.


How to Withdraw Money Using GCash Mastercard.

You can use your GCash MasterCard just like a regular ATM card or debit card. Withdraw at any bank’s ATM and pay a fixed service fee of Php 20 per withdrawal, regardless of the amount.

The minimum amount for GCash Mastercard withdrawal is Php 500 while the maximum daily amount is Php 50,000.

For your password, you just have to use your GCash MPIN. Even though it’s only 4 digits, it will be accepted by ATMs. You just have to select the ‘Enter’ button after typing your 4-digit password since it won’t automatically lead to the next step. 

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