How to Withdraw Money from GCash: An Guide to Cashing Out

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Withdrawal is also referred to as “cash-out” in GCash lingo.

You can claim money from Gcash through GCash MasterCard, partner pawnshops, supermarkets, and other payment facilities.


How to Withdraw Money from GCash Mastercard.

gcash mastercard

To claim money from GCash using your GCash MasterCard, simply go to any bank’s ATM and insert your card. Provide your password, which is the MPIN, then choose withdrawal, and select ‘Savings’. Enter the amount that you want to withdraw and collect the cash.

A Php 20 fee will be charged for every withdrawal transaction using your GCash MasterCard.

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How to Cash Out GCash without Card.

how to cash out gcash without card

Aside from using your GCash MasterCard, you can withdraw money from GCash through the following Cash Out methods:

1. Pawnshops

  • Villarica
  • Tambunting
  • Palawan Pawnshop

2. Supermarket.

  • Puregold

3. Payment Facilities.

  • Bayad Center
  • Expresspay

4. Department Stores.

  • SM
  • Robinsons

It must be noted that Cash-Out transactions using these methods will incur a service fee of 2% of the total amount to be withdrawn.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw money from GCash through pawnshops (Villarica, Tambunting, and Palawan Pawnshop), supermarket (Puregold), and Payment Facilities (Bayad Center and ExpressPay):

  1. Go to any branch of the partner pawnshops, supermarkets, and payment facilities. Inform the staff that you’d like to cash out from your GCash wallet.
  2. Completely fill out the GCash Service Form and provide the required details like your Gcash-registered mobile number and the amount that you want to cash out.
  3. Present your valid ID.
  4. You’ll receive an SMS confirming your Cash-Out. Reply with your MPIN to confirm the transaction.
  5. Once the transaction has been confirmed, collect the cash from the cashier and get the receipt.


How to Withdraw by Transferring Your Money from GCash to Bank.

If you don’t have a GCash Mastercard yet or you’re unable to cash out your money over the counter, the only option left for you is to send the money to your own bank account.

We already discussed how to send money to a bank through GCash here. Technically, it’s not one of the “cash out” methods recommended by GCash. However, I recommend doing this especially if you’re enrolled in online banking since you can immediately check if you already received the money from GCash.

After receiving the money from GCash, you can then choose to withdraw it via ATM, spend it through your debit card, or pay products or services online.

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