How to Use GCredit in GCash: A Quick Guide

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GCredit is your personal credit line within the GCash app.

It’s similar to a credit card but without the need to apply at and be approved by banks.

Considered as the country’s first mobile, QR-based credit line, GCredit allows you to pay bills and buy from partner merchants using credit that starts at Php 1,000 but can grow to as high as Php 30,000.


How to Start Using GCredit.

gcredit 1

To set up your GCredit, you have to verify your email address first and reach the minimum GScore required to open a GCredit account (you’ll be notified once your GScore is eligible for GCredit). 

GScore is the first trust-based score in the Philippines that will determine how much you can borrow from GCredit. Basically, it’s a 3-digit number that represents how often you use GCash.

The more GCash transactions you complete, the higher your GScore becomes. And the higher your GScore, the higher your credit limit will be.

Once you have fulfilled the two qualifications, select ‘Manage Credit’ from the GCash app to view your the total credit limit.

gcredit 2

Users can enjoy up to a Php 30,000 credit limit but with a 5% interest per month.

It must be noted that the interest is based on the number of days you borrowed from GCredit, with 5% as the maximum interest rate you’ll be charged. 

Therefore, the earlier you pay, the smaller the fee you’ll incur.

Here’s how GCash computes your interest:

Amount Borrowed 5% Interest Rate X (# of Days Borrowed/30 Days)

Frequently completing the following transactions will increase your GScore, hence increasing your credit limit, too:

  • Cash In
  • Pay Bills
  • Send Money
  • Buy Load
  • Other GCash transactions

How to Shop and Pay Items in GCash Partner Stores Using GCredit.

To use GCredit, simply select ‘Credit’ instead of ‘Balance’. Then, click ‘Pay QR’. From here, you can select either “Scan QR Code” or “Generate Code”.

Choose “Scan QR Code” when the store has a GCash QR code available at the cashier.

Scan the QR code with your phone, enter the amount to be paid and then proceed with the transaction, making sure GCredit is the payment method selected to avoid deducting money from your regular GCash balance. 

gcredit 3

In case the GCash partner merchant/store doesn’t have a scannable QR code available, you can also generate one on your own by choosing “Generate Code” (see image below). Just make sure GCredit, not the regular GCash, is selected as the default payment method. Place the generated barcode in front of the scanner and proceed with the transaction. 

gcredit 4

In order to keep using GCredit and increase your limit, make sure to pay on time which is within 30 days after the GCredit transaction.


How to Use GCredit to Pay Bills.

gcredit 5
  1. From the list of options, choose the Biller that you want to pay using GCredit. 
  2. Provide the required details like the Account Number and Amount to Pay.
  3. Choose GCredit as your preferred payment method.
  4. Check if all the details are correct and then confirm the transaction.

How to Use GCredit in Shopee.

Although Shopee has been using GCash as a payment method since 2018, it only included GCredit as a payment method recently. Now you can shop online even without any available cash and pay later whenever it’s convenient to you.

Here’s how to buy stuff in Shopee using GCredit:

  1. Open the Shopee app or website and add the item you wish to buy to the cart.
gcredit 6

2. Tick the box corresponding to the item and proceed to checkout.

gcredit 7

3. Scroll down and click on the Payment option. Choose Payment Center/ e-wallet then GCash. Press the confirm button below.

gcredit 8
gcredit 9

4. Choose GCredit as your source of payment. Enter the necessary information (11-digit mobile number, 6- digit OTP, and 4-digit MPIN). Finally, pay the amount.

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