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General Mathematics Reviewer Bundle [Digital Downloads]

General Mathematics Reviewer Bundle [Digital Downloads]
  • The only general mathematics reviewer you need to score high in the math subtest dreaded by most test-takers.
  • It covers the essential math concepts frequently appearing in NMAT, Civil Service Exam, PMA Entrance Exam, and UPCAT/College Entrance Test, so you won’t rack your brains figuring out what to study.
  • Full-color pages with engaging images and visual elements so you won’t get bored studying.
  • It comes with free companion printable flashcards and a 50-item mock exam to further boost your performance.
  • It’s designed to help you get your absolute best score in the mathematics subtest, giving you an edge over most examinees who perform poorly at math.
  • It was created and reviewed by a subject matter expert and an educator from the University of the Philippines – Diliman.
  • Ideal for those who hate math or need a math refresher, our math reviewer is designed to provide maximum learning in a minimum amount of time.

Is math your kryptonite? Do you desperately want to perform well in a life-changing exam, but the mere sight of numbers and equations makes your mind go blank?

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, there’s no escaping from it, as math questions are significant components of some of the country’s most important exams.

Whether preparing for college entrance exams like UPCAT, aiming to achieve a high NMAT percentile score to enter a prestigious medical school, or dreaming of getting qualified for a high-paying government position, you must have a good grasp of basic mathematics to get ahead.

But with thousands of possible resources both online and off, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and give up. To save you from all the headaches, we’ve distilled our math reviewer into a printable study guide bundle containing all the essential concepts you need to ace math exams without all the fluff.

What You’ll Get

Created and reviewed by subject matter experts, FilipiKnow’s general math study guide bundle contains the following:

1. Printable Math Study Guide

printable math study guide

Our math study guide is the more concise version of our free math reviewer. If you’re short on time, you’ll enjoy these review notes we’ve meticulously compiled to give you maximum learning in a minimum amount of time.

Unlike your typical boring handouts, our study guide features engaging graphic designs and elements so visual learners can quickly grasp and remember even the most complex math topics.

2. Printable Math Flashcards

printable math flashcards

Flashcards have been proven to be an effective learning tool. We’ve included them in the bundle to reinforce learning further. Our printable math flashcards take it to the next level by summarizing essential math concepts, providing detailed examples, and featuring mnemonics and shortcuts unavailable in our free reviewer.

So if you’re ready to solidify all your math learnings, print our math flashcards any way you want and review all the topics, one card at a time.

3. Printable Math Mock Exam Questions + Detailed Answer Key

printable math mock exam

An effective math review won’t be possible without the help of practice questions. Our math mock exam has the perfect difficulty level that matches the exam you’re preparing for. And in the true FilipiKnow style, this mock exam comes with answer keys more detailed than those available in our free online practice tests. This way, you can learn from your mistakes and identify which math topics you should spend more time on.

Are you ready to ace the math subtest or any math exams, even if you hate numbers? Click the specific exam you’re preparing for to get access to our math study guide bundle!

UPCAT (University of the Philippines College Admission Test)

NMAT (National Medical Admission Test)

CSE (Civil Service Examination)

PMAEE (Philippine Military Academy Entrance Examination)

NAPOLCOM Exam (Philippine National Police Entrance Examination)

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