I Entered Wrong/Misspelled Information in the Online Passport Appointment Form. Can I Still Edit It Even Though My Appointment Is Already Confirmed?

As of this writing, you can only change the passport appointment location and schedule.

For other kinds of mistakes like misspelled names, wrong gender, or wrong application type (“new” instead of “renewal”), there’s nothing you can do to change them.

Once your appointment has been confirmed, there’s no option available to edit the rest of the application form.

Fortunately, there’s no need to make another appointment and start all over again.

All applications will go through a verification process before they’re finalized. On the day of your appointment, simply inform the DFA personnel about the mistake so it can be corrected before you proceed to the next step.

Just don’t forget to bring the required documents to support the correction (e.g., PSA birth certificate showing the correct spelling of your name, etc.).

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