How much “show money” should I have on my bank account to get approved?

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The Japanese Embassy doesn’t specify any amount that should be in an applicant’s bank account to be approved for a tourist visa.

A rule of thumb—based on experiences of travelers who got their visa approved—is to have money on your bank certificate that’s enough to fund your travel expenses in Japan.

You need proof that you can afford your trip, so your show money should be proportional to your length of stay.

For example, if you’ll stay for 15 days in Japan, at least Php 100,000 should be enough. Some visa applicants get approved with only Php 50,000 in their bank account, but their stay is much shorter at five days.

The bank certificate shows not only your latest account balance but also your average balance for the past six months. To improve your chances of approval, maintain your show money in the bank for at least half a year.

Your Japan visa application may be rejected if there’s any red flag, like a low balance suddenly ballooning due to a large bank deposit or funds transfer.

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