Can I get approved for Japan visa even if I’m self-employed?

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Getting a Japan visa isn’t exclusive only to regular employees. Even freelancers, entrepreneurs, and other self-employed Filipinos can get approved.

To boost your chance of visa approval as a self-employed individual, you can submit supporting documents that prove your intention to return to the Philippines.

Try to ask your clients to give you a certificate of employment or a letter certifying that you work for them and detailing what you do, how much you receive, and how long you’ve been working for the company. The document must include your client’s name, address, contact information, and signature.

You may also submit other proof of income, such as receipts of your client’s payments through PayPal. If you have clients on Upwork, you may also download from the website your certificate of earnings that shows how much payment you’ve received since the past year.

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